Chord transposition support for OnSong and ChordPro files

If you upload an OnSong file (.onsong) or ChordPro file (.chordpro or .chopro) then you will be able to transpose the chords into a different key when viewing the file in ChurchSuite or when viewing the Plan Page. And if the file is linked to a plan item that has a song 'Key' field with a valid value then we'll even transpose the file into that key for you! Here's how it works...

Note: You may find it helpful to check out the related support article for further guidance on Adding files to plans.

Uploading files

Depending on where you are working within the system and what you want to do, you can upload OnSong and ChordPro files in the following ways: -

1) In the Files section of the Administrator or User areas - click Add files. Files added in this way can then be assigned to Library items or added directly to items on a Plan or a Template.

2) You can upload and add files directly to a Library item - either by selecting Manage files from the library item's Action menu...

...or by selecting Manage files on the Library item's "View" page in the Library section of the module. By adding files directly to a Library item, those files are made available when the item is added to new plans and templates.

3) You can also upload and add files directly to an item on a Plan or a Template "View" page (in the Plans and Templates sections respectively) - either by dragging and dropping the file onto the plan item, or by selecting Manage files. Files added directly to a plan or template in this way only exist against that one plan or template - they are not also added to the item in the Library (see Top Tip below).

Top Tip!

When Library items (and their linked files) are added to a plan or template, that item and any linked files become independent of the Library for that plan or template, allowing you flexibility to make custom changes to items on plans and templates without affecting the original Library item. Consequently, adding a file directly to a plan or template will not also add the file to the item in the Library. Similarly, adding files to Library items will not show those files on existing plans or templates where that Library item has been added, but will show when the Library item is added to new plans or templates. Therefore, where you are adding new OnSong and ChordPro files (or indeed any files) to ChurchSuite, you will need to add them to the appropriate Library items and to any existing templates and future plans where that Library item has already been assigned.

When uploading files, either drag them from your computer onto the file uploader drop zone, or click + to browse and select the file on your device.

Once uploaded, selecting an OnSong or ChordPro file will open the file to preview. From here you can Transpose the song into an alternative key and even Download the transposed song file, perhaps to print or share. Selecting Download will open the file to view in a new browser tab on your device (browser pop-up blockers prevent direct downloads), or you can 'right-click' on the Download button and select 'Save file as...'. When the file preview pop-up is closed, the transposed song reverts to its original key that the file was uploaded as.

Similarly, when working with Plans and Plan Pages, plan items with linked OnSong and ChordPro files work in exactly the same way - selecting the linked file will open the file preview with transpose options.

Getting the right format

OnSong and ChordPro are capable of importing and exporting song files in a wide variety of formats. The following resources may be helpful when working with .onsong, .chordpro and .chopro files to ensure they meet the required file format standards. Valid .onsong files should meet the following standards. The specification for .chopro or .chordpro files can be found here.


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