Exporting plans to MediaShout

Organisations using MediaShout as their chosen presentation software can easily export a plan to a MediaShout v6-formatted file (support for MediaShout v7 coming in the future). Opening that file in MediaShout will populate all the plan items, ready for you to Insert lyrics, bible verse, liturgy and text against the appropriate plan items for your service or event. Here's how...

Working within a plan's "View" page in the Plans section of the module, select Download MediaShout.

Follow the on-screen instructions to save the MediaShout .SSC file to your desktop. You'll now need to transfer, share or send the file to the device/computer that runs your MediaShout software.

Working within MediaShout, Open the SSC file (or double-click the file to launch MediaShout and open the file). The plan items are listed in the left-hand column, ready for you to Insert lyrics, bible verse, liturgy or other presentation elements as desired.

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