Customising your dashboard

The Dashboard is the landing page every User arrives at when they first log in to ChurchSuite each day. Each User can customise their Dashboard by adding and ordering Widgets for common tasks pertinent to their role. In this way, each User's dashboard gives them amazing insights and easy access to the underlying data. Users can return to their Dashboard at any time by clicking the ChurchSuite logo in the top left corner of the page in their browser or by selecting the Dashboard from the Menu in their ChurchSuite app.

Adding widgets

There's no limit to the number of Widgets you can add to the Dashboard. Widgets can be ordered by clicking into the clear blue space at the top of a Widget and dragging it over another Widget to swap their positions. In this way, you can order your Dashboard to see just what you want where you want it, perhaps with the most commonly used Widgets at the top of your Dashboard.

To add a Widget click the + button located at the top and bottom of the page.

Within the Add widget placeholder, select as appropriate from the drop-down list. A more detailed explanation of the Widgets currently available is provided below but we do encourage you to explore the available Widgets to see what each one does. The Widgets available to you will depend on the ChurchSuite modules your organisation subscribes to and your User module permissions.

Depending on the Widget selected, you may be required to make a further selection in respect of the detail for that Widget - in the example below, selecting a Rota Widget requires you to search and select a rota from the list of existing rotas. You can add multiple instances of most Widgets so, for example, you could add multiple Rota Widgets if you have an interest in seeing the next serving date for more than one rota. Note that some Widgets cannot be added until there is valid data in the related module. Having made a selection, click Save to add the Widget.

The newly-added Widget is now shown populated with related data from the underlying module. Notice how hovering your cursor over a Widget surfaces Action icons to manually Refresh, Edit or Delete the Widget. Most Widgets contain interactive content with clickable links and hover over pop-ups and filters. For example, in the rota Widget below, clicking on the rota name will open the rota for you to view it while clicking on a rota member name will open that rota member's profile page for you to view.

Widgets explained

The Widgets available to you will depend on the ChurchSuite modules your organisation subscribes to and your User module permissions. Here's a summary of the Widgets available...

Birthdays - Address Book, Children

Enables you to view a list of the upcoming birthdays in the next 14 days for contacts and children. Each Birthdays Widget can be optionally further filtered by Tag. Birthdays are only listed for people with a valid date of birth specified on the profile. Clicking on a person's name in the Widget opens their profile page to view - ideal for sending a personal birthday message by email or SMS.

Recently edited contacts, children and givers

Enables you to view a list of the five most recently edited people in the Address Book, Children and Giving modules, along with details of the date, time of the change and who made the change. Each Recently edited Widget can be optionally further filtered by Tag. Clicking on a person's name in the Widget opens their profile page to view.

Flows - Address Book, Children, Giving and Bookings

View a curated snapshot of the current status of people in a selected Flow in your Address Book, Children, Giving or Bookings module - the number of people with a Pending, Due and Overdue status is displayed. Click on the Flow name to open the Flow to view or click on a status pill to open the Flow to view a curated list of just those with that status.

Form Responses - Address Book, Children

View the active responses for a selected Form in your Address Book or Children module, with the most recently-received responses at the top. Click on the Form name to open the Form to view or click on a response to open the response to view. Form invitation response progress is also shown.

Upcoming events, upcoming bookings and featured events

View lists of upcoming events and bookings in the next seven days or the next five featured events. Click on an item in the list to open the event or booking to view. Optionally further filter the upcoming event list and featured event list by Category or the upcoming bookings list by Type. In this way, you can add multiple instances of these Widgets to see curated lists of events, featured events and bookings just for certain event categories or booking types.


Whether it's your annual conference, a key discipleship course, the church weekend away or simply next Sunday's morning service - this Widget enables you to easily keep an eye on the signup progress for an upcoming event. There's no limit to the number of Event Widgets you can add to your Dashboard. You can even edit an event Widget to select a different event - so as one Sunday service event passes, you can update your existing event Widget ready for next Sunday!

And for events with invitations, switch from viewing Sign-Ups (on the left below) to Invites (on the right below) and see a snapshot of the current invite response status.

Support articles, Updates and Quick Links

Quickly access a featured support article or click to search the online library of Support articles by topic, phrase or keyword. Stay on top of the latest new features and functionality in ChurchSuite through the Updates Widget. You can optionally further filter by month. Click on an update to see a pop-up with further information and links to related support articles. Subject to your User account settings, the Quick links Widget gives you easy access to your personal My ChurchSuite, ChurchSuite Connect and ChurchSuite Donate. Each of these Widgets can only be added to the Dashboard once.

Recent attendance

View a snapshot of Recent attendance for selected Attendance module Categories. Switch between viewing the last 12 weeks or the last 12 months. Recent attendance is styled in the respective attendance Category's colour, with a grey line tracking the comparative attendance for the previous period (either the previous 12 weeks or the previous 12 months). Hover your cursor over points on the graph to see a pop-up of the related attendance metrics. Multiple instances of this Widget can be added to your Dashboard - ideal for comparing recent attendance across different services and sites.

Leave requests

This Widget is a must-have for every line manager! Stay on top of who's on leave by viewing a list of Leave requests for the next 14 days. Click on a date to view a curated list of Users with leave for just that date. Visually distinguish approved leave (green) and leave still pending approval (yellow). Click on a leave request to open the request to view. This Widget can only be added to the Dashboard once.

Rotas and Plans

View a Serving soon list of rotas for the next 7 days, view the next serving date for one or more selected Rotas (one rota per Widget), or the Plans for the next seven days. Clicking on the rota name or a plan in the list opens that rota, plan or service to view. Clicking on a rota member's name opens their profile to view. We even surface rota sign-up progress (for rotas with sign-up enabled) and the accept/decline response status of those set to serve (for rotas with accept/decline enabled). At a glance, see the number of people that have accepted or declined, the number of people who have not yet been sent their rota for that date and the number of people who have not yet responded. Rota member names are styled in the usual way - making it easy to see serving responses, children on rotas and date/unavailability/decline clashes - and ordered according to underlying rota's settings - in Name order or Role order. The Plans and Serving soon widgets can only be added to the Dashboard once.

Event tasks and Booking tasks

The task widgets each show the due and upcoming tasks due for the next 7 days and all overdue tasks. Each widget has two views - My tasks - showing the user's assigned tasks - and Due tasks - showing tasks that are either unassigned or have been assigned to other users. Each task widget can only be added to the Dashboard once.

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