The ChurchSuite summary page

Summary page

The Summary page gives you a quick and easy overview of your ChurchSuite account and is the first page you see when you first log in to your ChurchSuite account. Wherever you are in ChurchSuite you can always return to this page by clicking the ChurchSuite logo in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Recently Edited

This section shows you the five most recently edited people in the Address Book and Children module (for the site being viewed). This can be quite useful for maintaining an overview of what has been happening, especially when you are part of a team of users. You can also quickly Search within the Address Book and Children modules - these searches search for contacts and children across the active, pending and archived sections of the respective modules.

Events Calendar

This section gives you a quick overview of the events calendar for the next 7 days for the site being viewed. You can also search the calendar from the Search box.

New customers

As a new customer, when you first log in to ChurchSuite, the Summary page will initially be empty. As you begin to add, import or change the date in your modules, the Summary page will begin to fill up.

Quick Links

The quick links section provide shortcut links to other parts of the ChurchSuite ecosystem - My ChurchSuite (the member-facing platform for the currently logged in User), Connect (Sunday service member-facing platform), and Donate (Online giving).

Note that the My ChurchSuite quick link will only be visible to a user whose user account has been linked to their underlying contact profile in the Address Book and for whom Allow My ChurchSuite login is enabled.


The Summary page includes an Updates feed that shows the most recent updates we've been making to the platform. Clicking on an update opens a pop up with a link through the relevant support article or blog post that explains more..

And for important updates, Users will see the "update" pop up as soon as they log in to ChurchSuite...

Latest news and important announcements

From time to time you may see the latest news banner at the top of the Summary page. We use this place to surface important announcements and upcoming training events.

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