Module options in ChurchSuite

Every ChurchSuite Account ships with some standard options pre-selected, but how can you change them? We put a lot of thought into this to try and ensure that users start out with the best experience possible. However, one size does not fit all, as they say, and that's why we have included a section in every module of ChurchSuite called "Module Options".

You can access module options through the module options button (the cog-wheels) that can be found in every module of ChurchSuite. Just look to the top, right-hand corner of the screen, and you should find a little button that looks like this:

Please note that the visibility of module options and to access this button you need to either have Manage module permissions on a module (i.e. be able to add/edit/delete data) or be a user who has Administrator privileges (i.e. have access to the Administrator section).

These module options let you customise ChurchSuite to make sure it fits your unique way of doing church. Some modules have additional options that control ChurchSuite's interaction with other ChurchSuite applications e.g. My ChurchSuite, ChurchSuite Connect (Children's Check-in, My Details and Donate) and Embed.

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