Module options in ChurchSuite

Each ChurchSuite Account ships with some standard options pre-selected on the account, but how can you change them? We've put a lot of thought into this to try and ensure that users start out with the best experience possible, however, one size doesn't fit all, and that's why we've included a section in every module of ChurchSuite called Module Options.

You can access each module's settings through the cog-wheels icon found in the top right hand corner of the page - this example is from the Address Book module. Access to a module's settings is only available to users with Manage module permissions or those designated as Administrator users.

The module settings page is divided into sections - different modules have different options that control ChurchSuite's interaction with other parts of the ChurchSuite ecosystem, like My ChurchSuite, Connect, Embed and Donate. This example is from the Address Book module's settings with sections for Module Options, My ChurchSuite Options, Connect Options and Embed Options.

Module Options make global changes to all data within the module. For example, in the Address Book, if you enable an optional field, such as the "Student Details" fields, the student detail fields are enabled for all contacts within the Address Book.

My ChurchSuite options are for customising how My ChurchSuite works for the particular module.

Connect options are for customising the way ChurchSuite Connect works for the particular module - Connect options exist for the Address Book, Children, Calendar and Small Groups modules.

Embed options are customising a module's web-embeddable form. In the Address Book, the web-embeddable form is called My Details - a form to gather newcomer details and areas of interest. In the Calendar module, the options relate to your web-embeddable calendar and featured events feed. In the Small Groups module, the options relate to your web-embeddable small group lists and group location map. And in the Bookings module, the options relate to the customer-facing booking confirmation page (not strictly an embeddable page as such, but certainly a customisable web page that booking customers can access to view their booking).

Donate options are for controlling the features of the online giving system when it's embedded into a website or accessed directly.

If you're new to ChurchSuite, take time to review the module settings for each module on your account before importing or adding your existing data - this will ensure that new data inherits the options you've set for each module.

Throughout our support articles we will often reference module settings. For the purposes of this article we just want to explain how to access them and what they are.

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