Integrating with Planning Center Online

ChurchSuite supports a two-way contact sync with Planning Center Online, allowing you to alter contact details in one and have them automatically update in the other. As far as the team at ChurchSuite is aware, at the time of writing we are the only church management system to offer a two-way contact sync with Planning Center Online.

Before you can enjoy the benefits of this unique feature, though, you must first integrate Planning Center Online with your ChurchSuite account.

Planning Center Online Integration

Begin by going to the "Administrator" tab > "Integrations". Click the entry marked "Planning Center".

Proceed by following the on screen instructions. The indicator bar will progress as you complete each stage. Click "Save and Proceed" to progress to the next step. If you need to come away from the integration page, ChurchSuite will remember your progress and return you to where you previously got to when you re-open the Integration.

At Stage 1 you are asked to log in to your Planning Center account. If you do not already have a Planning Center account, you will need to create one before you can move past this point. Once you have an account, log in to continue.

After successfully logging in you are returned to the Planning Center integration page. Any existing Planning Centre contacts are listed and you can proceed with linking some or all of those contacts to your Address Book contacts.

At this stage, do not add additional contacts to the list, but click "Finish" to complete the integration. You'll be returned to the Integrations list where the integration will now show as 100% complete.

You can now go back in to the completed integration and search for and select Address Book contacts to add to the list. When you are done, click "Sync now" to have those added contacts created as contacts in Planning Center. A PCO ID will be assigned to those added contacts. You can "Reload from PCO" at any time to get an up to date list of Planning Centre contacts. Click "Finish" when you are done, to return to the Integrations page.

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