Linking your Address Book contact to your ChurchSuite Username

There are times when it is helpful for a User's profile to be linked to their contact profile in the Address Book module. Here's why this can be helpful...

By default, all sent emails are sent from the user email address specified in a user's profile. When a user is linked to their underlying contact in the Address Book, they will also have the option of selecting that an email is sent from the email address on their contact profile i.e. their personal email address. Additionally, users with linked contacts have their birthday show on the calendar in the Calendar module (if DOB specified) - never miss a staff member's birthday again!

Please note: You must be an Administrator in order to access the Administrator menu needed for this article.

Go to Administrator > Users. Unlinked users, i.e. those not linked to an underlying Address Book contact are listed with "Not in Address Book" (see below).

Select a user and click "Edit user" on the option cog of the right-hand side.

In the 'Contact' field, begin to type the contact name. ChurchSuite will begin to auto-suggest as you type.

Select the required Address Book contact.

The user's name, email address and profile image are updated to reflect the linked contact's name, email address and profile image. You can override and specify a different user email address; perhaps using a church email address for a user's profile, but retaining their personal email address against their Address Book contact profile. The email address specified here will be available as a "From" address when sending emails within ChurchSuite.

Be sure to save your changes before closing the page. The user profile page confirms the Address Book contact that the user is linked to.

Note: Users cannot be linked to contacts in the Children module.

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