Managing your My ChurchSuite communication options for large groups of contacts

Updating your church's My ChurchSuite communication settings is easy enough when you want to do it by setting the defaults for any new contacts (in the Address Book module options), or when you want to change them for only one or two church members. But what if you want to update the My ChurchSuite communications for the entire Address Book, or for a group of people in your church, or a few different groups of people? Does this mean you have to go and update the settings individually for 20, 30, 100 people? Thankfully - no, it doesn't! There is a much easier way:

Go to the "Communications Options" report

Locate the "Communications Options" report under "Address Book" > "Reports" - it's in the top section, title "Contacts".

The report shows you the current communications options for all your contacts; and allows you to change them.

Filter the report by tag

By default the report display a list of all active Address Book contacts. Using the report filters, you can optionally select to filter the list by one or more tags and see the options set for just those tagged contacts. Click "Generate" whenever you change the report filters.

Edit communications settings for selected tags

Click the "Edit Settings" button at the top of the page. The settings you are about to change will be applied to all contacts being viewed in the report results - either all contacts, or a filtered list based on the tags selected.

The "Edit Contact Communication Settings" modal is displayed. Here you can select whether each communication set should be set yo "Yes", set to "No" or "Not Changed". Working down the list of settings, select the appropriate response from the drop-down list. Once you are happy, click "Save" to update the communication settings for all contacts listed in your report results.

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