Managing privacy settings and communication options bulk groups of people

Updating communication options and My ChurchSuite privacy settings is easy enough when you want to do it by setting the defaults for any new contacts (in the Address Book's module options - see related article), or when you want to change them for only one or two church members - but what if you need to "bulk update" the privacy settings or communication options for the entire Address Book or Children module, or for groups of people in your church? Here's how...

In this article we'll be working within the Address Book module to make changes to settings for adult contacts. The same process and functionality also exists in the Children module for managing the communication options for children. Note that there are no My ChurchSuite privacy settings for children as children details are never visible in My ChurchSuite.

Go to the "Communication Options" report

Locate the "Communication Options" report in the Address Book > Reports (or Children module > Reports, for children) section.

The report shows you the current privacy settings and communications options for all your contacts (or children); and allows you to change them.

Here's what the Children's module Communication Options report looks like. There are no privacy settings for the Children module as My ChurchSuite is only currently for adult contacts in the Address Book. Note that the parent communication options are included.

Filter the report by tag

By default the report displays a list of all active people for the module being viewed. Using the report's filters, you can optionally filter the list by one or more tags, allowing you to see the privacy and communication options set for just those tagged contacts. Click "Generate" whenever you change the report's filters.

Edit contact or children settings

Having filtered the report to display just the contacts or children for whom you wish to edit the privacy settings or communication options for, click the "Edit settings" button at the top of the page. The settings you are about to change will be applied to all contacts or children being viewed in the respective report results - either all contacts (or children), or a filtered list based on the tags selected.

The "Edit Contact Communication Settings" (or "Edit Child Communication Settings") pop-up window is displayed. For each communication option and privacy setting, you can now select whether the state should be changed to "Yes", "No", or "Not Changed" from it's current state.

Working down the list, select the appropriate response from the drop-down list. Once you are happy, click "Save" to update the communication options and privacy settings for all contacts listed in your report results.

For children communication options, note that linked parent communication options are edited using the Address Book Communication Options report - therefore only parent communication options for unlinked children can be edited here within the Children module report - i.e. only those children whose parents don't exist in your Address Book, and are instead recorded against each unlinked child's profile.

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