Difference between "groups" and "tags" in Children module

In the Children module in ChurchSuite, you can organise children into Groups and also into Tags; but what is the difference between the two groupings?

What the "Groups" functionality in the "Children" module is for

The Groups functionality is for age-based groups. When you set up a new group, you are asked about the "Entry Age" for that group. ChurchSuite uses this information along with the birthday information for children to group them into the right age-group whenever you click the Process Group button (found by going to "Children" > "Groups" and clicking the name of the group you want to process).

What the "Tags" functionality in the "Children" module is for

The Tags function enables you to set up non-age-based, ad-hoc groupings of children. This can be useful for one-off events such as outings, for instance, that do not necessarily fall into an age bracket.

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