Difference between "groups" and "tags" in Children module

In the Children module in ChurchSuite, you can organise children into "Groups" and also into "Tags"; but what is the difference between the two?

What the "Groups" functionality in the "Children" module is for

The Groups functionality is for age-based groups. When you set up a new group, you are asked about the "Entry Age" for that group. ChurchSuite uses this information along with the birthday information for children to group them into the right age-group whenever you click the "Process Group" button (found by going to "Children" > "Groups" and clicking the name of the group you want to process).

What the "Tags" functionality in the "Children" module is for

The "Tags" function is there so you can set up non age-based, ad-hoc collections of children. This can be useful for one-off events such as outings, for instance, that do not necessarily fall into an age bracket.

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