How to view a list of people's birthdays

Children especially like celebrating birthdays! The good thing is that ChurchSuite makes it easy to stay on top of the birthdays of the people in your church. Here is how you can view a list of birthdays - this example focuses on children birthdays, but the Birthdays report exists for contacts in the Address Book module's reports section, and for small group members in the Small Groups module's reports section.

Go to "Children" > "Reports" and find the section entitled Children. In that section, click on the report called Birthdays.

You'll now see a list of all the children in your church whose birthday is in the selected month. Further filtering options are available - perhaps by tag or group. Click Generate when making changes to a report's filters to see the new results.

Please note that this report will only show useful information if you have added the date of birth into each person's profile page within the Children module and/or Address Book.

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