3. Activating My ChurchSuite

My ChurchSuite enables your church members to edit their own contact details. The advantage is two-fold - it empowers church members and it helps reduce the administrative burden on the church in terms of keeping the Address Book up to date.

Activating My ChurchSuite

You need to activate My ChurchSuite for every module you wish to use it for separately. However, in order for it to work in other modules, it first needs to be activated in the Address Book module, as this is the basic repository of contact data from which My ChurchSuite invitations are issued.

To activate My ChurchSuite, head into the Address Book module options - the cogwheels in the top right hand corner of the page. You'll need manage module or Administrator permissions to access this.

The module options page has three tabs: "Module","My ChurchSuite" and "Connect". First, click on the "My ChurchSuite" tab, find the My ChurchSuite "Settings" section and make sure "Enable My ChurchSuite access" is ticked. This means that My ChurchSuite is enabled across your account; although none of your contacts will be able to access My ChurchSuite until they are first invited - see the related support article to do this.

Next, switch to the "Module" tab and locate the "Contact Communication" section (about half way down the page) and select "Allow My ChurchSuite login".

This will set a default communication option for new contacts added to your Address Book, which means that every contact is allowed (though not necessarily invited yet) to log in to their My ChurchSuite account. You can use the Communication Options report in the Address Book module reports to make bulk changes for this setting for your existing contacts. We also encourage you to set "Name is visible?" too - so that contacts are not invisible on rotas and in small groups when viewed within My ChurchSuite.

If you don't want to set the above default for new contacts, you can allow individual contacts to log in to their My ChurchSuite account by granting permissions from their contact profile in the Address Book. Simply browse to a contact in your Address Book...

and select "Edit contact". Locate the "Public Communications" section in the centre of the page. Here you can set the My ChurchSuite settings for just this one contact. Save the changes when you are finished.

Activating My ChurchSuite for other modules

In each module that supports My ChurchSuite, you can click on the "Module options" button (top right-hand corner, underneath the "Administrator" tab), go to the "My ChurchSuite" tab, and check the box that says "Enable My ChurchSuite access".

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