View Stripe transfers to reconcile payments received

Reconciling Stripe transfer payments received into your church bank account in respect of event ticket sales, online donations or booking charges is made easier using the Stripe Transfers report. The Stripe Transfers report can be found in the Calendar module, Giving module and Bookings module, with each report prioritising report results based on the module you are viewing from within. In this article we look from at the Stripe Transfers report from the Calendar module. The principles are the same for the Giving module and Bookings module.

Filter the report results using the date range and click Generate to search for transfers in that range.

Ordinarily the report is divided into two sections - the "All activity" summary section at the top of the report, followed by a breakdown of each of the transfers that Stripe has paid into your church bank account. When viewing the Giving module Stripe Transfer report, a third section is displayed at the beginning of the report to provide a "Fund Activity" summary.

The All Activity section summarises your Stripe activity by each Calendar Event, Online Donations, Online Booking Charges, Refunds and Other Stripe payments received from Outside of ChurchSuite's features.

Scrolling down the report, each Stripe Transfer within the report date range is broken down into Event tickets, Booking charges and Online Donations, showing also the gross Stripe payments made, the fees deducted by Stripe and the net transfer total paid to your church bank account. The transfer date represents the date Stripe made the transfer - it can take 2-7 few working days for the transfer to show on your church bank statement, with the first transfer taking between 5-10 working days. The Stripe transfer reference number will correspond to the reference shown on your bank statement.

Top Tip!

Note that within your Stripe control panel you can manage the frequency of Stripe transfers, choosing monthly, weekly, daily or even on demand - select the "Settings" button within the "Payouts" area.


Stripe transfers are subject to a minimum transfer volume of £1. This means that if you were to receive a donation or event ticket sale of £1, after fees this would be only 78p, under Stripe's minimum transfer volume. A transfer will be made once further donations or event ticket sales have been received taking the transfer volume over the £1 minimum transfer volume.

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