Integrating Stripe for event ticket payments

Stripe is an online credit and debit card payment service, which ChurchSuite uses to handle all debit or credit card payments for your "pay" event tickets. The Stripe integration can also be used for receiving online card donations (see related support article). It’s a really useful feature that’s quick and easy to set up.

About Stripe

Stripe is the payment provider ChurchSuite uses for all card payments for "pay" event ticket sales, booking charges and online donations. One-off or recurring card payments accepted through ChurchSuite Donate via Stripe are subject to a 2.4% + 20p (no cap) transaction fee for European cards and 2.9% +30c for non-European cards (for eligible non-profit organisations). This transaction fee consists of two parts - a 1.4% + 20p transaction fee to Stripe and a 1% transaction fee to ChurchSuite. For more information click  here.

Non-Profit Discount for US Churches: Churches that are eligible non-profit organisations are able to access a special charity rate of and 2.9% + 30c for International and American Express cards) In this case, the transaction fee consists of two parts - a 2.2% + 30c transaction fee to Stripe and a 0.7% transaction fee to ChurchSuite. These fees are among the lowest of any card handler in the world! When you complete your Stripe integration you'll receive an email explaining how to claim these charity rates.

To enquire your eligibility as a non-profit, you can email

Fees correct as of 8th January 2018.

Completing the Stripe Integration

Click on the Administrator menu in the top right-hand corner of ChurchSuite (you will need to be an Administrator to see this menu option). Click on the Integrations menu and select Stripe.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Integration.

After reading the instructions, click "Save and Proceed". The Stripe account application form opens - on this page you can either open a new Stripe account, or click "Sign in" if you already have an account.

At the bottom of the page click to authorise the ChurchSuite Integration to access your Stripe account.

Dual signatures

While the Stripe integration is essentially for monies being deposited in your church bank account (i.e. from ticket sale proceeds), Stripe require a direct debit to be completed for your church bank account. Since most church bank accounts require multiple signatories on the account, here's how to add each additional signatory...

When you first open a new account with Stripe, the form will ask you to specify your "Business type". Select "Non-profit". This will give you an option later in the form to specify "All other individuals who own more than 25% of the company". Ignoring the slightly misleading 'company' terminology, the "Add another owner" option is what Stripe uses to add additional signatories and verify each signatory on the account.

Complete the form fully and follow the instructions to add the "You, the company representative" details (for the first signatory), and then use the "+ Add another owner"option to enter each additional signatory required on the bank account.

Please be aware that even having entered your additional stakeholder/signatory details into the Stripe form, the consent wording at the bottom of the form will still read as follows...

...Be assured that Stripe will correctly designate your account as a "non-profit, multi-stakeholder/signatory" account, and they will email you a pre-populated multi-signatory mandate for subsequent signature and return to Stripe. You can still proceed and complete the Stripe integration.

Having created a new Stripe account and authorised the ChurchSuite integration to use the account, you are then returned back to the ChurchSuite Stripe Integration page to finish. Review and set any optional "Checkout Options" including whether a billing address should be entered, or whether to disable Apple Pay. The use of Apple Pay may require you to log in to your Stripe account dashboard to accept the terms and conditions of use. Apple Pay is currently only available for event ticket purchases made via our iOS app or a Safari browser. Apple do not (currently) permit the use of Apply Pay for card donations. Apple Pay does not currently work with non-Safari browsers.

Note that you can Integrate multiple Stripe accounts if you wish - perhaps if you have different bank accounts for different Giving module Funds. Just click "Add another account" to proceed. Alternatively, just select any other menu item to navigate away from the Stripe Integration page.

Congratulations! Stripe is now be fully integrated with your account. Now, when you add "pay" tickets to an event you'll be able to receive card payments for those tickets when people sign-up. Card payments are paid directly in to your designated church bank account by Stripe (no card details are held within ChurchSuite) - typically Stripe transfer monies to your bank account in batches every few days, and within approximately 2-7 days of the event sign-up. You can also change the transfer frequency within your Stripe account settings. See the related support article on Stripe Transfers to help you reconcile your net transfers received in your bank account back to the gross ticket sales for your events.

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