Identify contacts not currently serving on any rota

It's often useful to be able to easily identify people in our church who are not currently serving on a rota or in a serving ministry. Churches often want to communicate their serving opportunities so we've made that really easy with two key reports available in the Rotas module - Not in a Ministry and Not on a Rota.

Alongside other Rota reports that can help you identify and manage serving engagement in your church, both these "Not In" reports can be found in "Rotas" module > "Reports".

Children, rotas and reports

Whilst children in your Children module can serve in ministries and be added to rotas, the "Not in a Ministry" and "Not on a Rota" reports described in this support article will only include contacts within your Address Book module - no children are included in the report results of these two 'exclusive' reports for "Not in a Ministry" and "Not on a Rota".

However, for 'inclusive' Rotas module reports, such as "Ministry Members", "Multi-Ministry Members" and "[Rotas] Overview", these do include serving children in the report results. Children are designated by a child 'icon' next to their name.

Not in a Ministry report

Sometimes people may be part of a ministry, but may not actually be on a current or future rota; perhaps because they finished all their serving slots on the rota, or they're having a break for a season. So while technically they might not be on a rota, they are nevertheless still in a ministry. The Not in a Ministry report therefore identifies those people who are not assigned to an active ministry (people in archived ministries, but not in any other active ministries, will therefore show in the report's results).

Notice the useful statistics showing those serving or not serving in a ministry. This report can be filtered by Tags - perhaps if you want to exclude or include newcomers; or perhaps if, due to the nature of the role, you only want to communicate with non-serving "members" in your members Tag. You can select one or more Tags to filter on; even inverting a Tag to filter people not in a Tag. Click Generate whenever you change your Tag filters.

From this report you can optionally create a new tag from the list of contacts returned - click Add to tag. You can also Communicate directly from the report to everyone in the report's results - perhaps sending an email letting people know about serving opportunities within your church.

Not on a Rota report

Definition: Rota members are considered to be all those in a Ministry (whether on an active or future rota, or not, and irrespective of whether the underlying ministry is archived or active), and "one off" people who are not part of the Ministry but are on future dates on a rota on an Ad Hoc basis. If their "one off" dates are in the past, they're no longer consider a rota member.

Using this definition, the Not on a Rota report will show all Address Book contacts (not Children) that are not classed as rota members.

As with the Not in a Ministry report, this report can be filtered by Tag(s), and you can create a Tag group from the report's results, and communicate directly from the report to all those shown in the report's results.

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