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Clash management in ChurchSuite

When you're adding people to a rota in ChurchSuite, you'll be warned any time that a clash will occur for any of your team members. At the time of clash notification you can choose to cancel what you're doing and then resolve any clashes; or you can override and accept the clashes and deal with them later.

As we all know, some clashes are perfectly acceptable and inevitable - people might serve in the refreshments team before a service but also be part of the set-up team before that. Then they may be in the worship team during the service and finally go out and lead a youth group after worship! Ordinarily, all of these overlaps of serving on teams may give rise to a clash. It's great when people serve, so ChurchSuite helps you manage all these scenarios.

You can reduce the number of false clash occurrences by setting each ministry/rota's serving times to more accurately reflect the times of serving within each of your services. If your morning service generally runs from 10.30am to 12pm on a Sunday, it is tempting to set all your Sunday service ministries to run for those times. However, although you might mention the Sunday service running times in a ministry description, we encourage you to set more precise times for the ministries at the point of generating rotas. Careful consideration of serving times will allow people to serve in multiple areas on a Sunday without a false clash being triggered when adding people to rotas.

In addition to the on-screen clash notifications when adding members to rotas or when creating a rota, you can view all rota clashes at any time using the "Rotas" > "Reports" > "Rota Clashes" report.

The rota Clashes report can be filtered by particular Ministries or Tags within a given date range.

This report is designed to provide everything you need to decide whether any action is required by you or your ministry overseers. For example, you may look at this report and identify people at risk of "serving fatigue"; those who are simply doing too much! Or it might highlight bottlenecks that could be avoided if additional people were recruited in to share the load. Helpfully you can see the status of affected rotas (draft/published) and the roles of the affected serving team members.

Please remember that this report is intended to be a decision-making tool. ChurchSuite's clash functionality is not intended to be a mechanism that prevents you from adding people to a rota. Any changes needed as a result of your decision-making will need to be manually adjusted on the respective rota(s).

Additionally, a Clashes page is available for each rota in ChurchSuite where clashes exist.

Clash management in My ChurchSuite

The My Rotas section of My ChurchSuite is great for allowing your serving team members to be able to:

  • see the upcoming dates when they're next serving for each rota,
  • see the full rota(s) on which they serve,
  • communicate with other rota members (ministry members and overseers),
  • see who else is serving alongside them on the rota and their respective roles,
  • see their own designated role(s) in a serving team on any given rota date,
  • see other serving opportunities and sign-up to future rota dates (if the sign-up feature is enabled on a rota), 
  • add their unavailability, and
  • if activated in your Rotas module settings, process "rota swaps" when they can't make one or more of their rota assignments e.g. when they're going to be on holiday (but only if the swap doesn't result in creating a clash for the person they are swapping with).

When your serving team members are recording a rota swap, they are prevented from recording the swap if it will result in a rota clash for someone else. In these circumstances the rota swap must be processed in ChurchSuite by a Rotas module user or by the ministry overseer in My ChurchSuite. This is intended functionality to prevent team members causing rota changes that have unhelpful "knock on" effects to other team members or ministries on a given date.

However, rota members are still able to create clashes for themselves when signing up to a rota date - we assume they will not create a clash for themselves without having a plan to resolve the clash! In this case a clash notification will be displayed during sign-up.

Clash reporting in My Rotas (Ministry Overseers)

My Rotas includes a simple clash summary for ministry overseers. Within each rota/ministry that they oversee, selecting the Clashes page displays a list of all rota clashes that relate to the serving team members in their rota; showing the rota dates within the rota and the clashes that occur from other rotas/ministries. Under 18 team members are show with a 'child' icon. The report also helpfully shows the rota status (if the rota is 'draft', for example) and the roles of team members on those rota clash dates.

Clicking on a serving team member in the clash page will display their contact details, so overseers can easily get in touch with team members to resolve the clash (subject to the visibility settings of each team member).

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