Grouping rotas with services

You can group rotas into your church's various Services for the purposes of reporting, communication and visualising who's doing what across all of the rotas for an individual service and where the gaps are. Rotas within the same Service share service notes.

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Assigning rotas to a service in ChurchSuite
Assigning rotas to a service in My ChurchSuite
Working in the service view
Managing existing services

Adding a new service

Intended functionality...

Services (and service notes) can only be created from within ChurchSuite by a user (although a ministry overseer working within My ChurchSuite can link the rotas they create to an existing service that has been added).

Are you a multi-site church/organisation?

Since a Ministry is site-specific, each Site will have its own ministries from which the site's rotas are produced. Each site's rotas can then be grouped together by assigning them to one of the site's Services, as explained in this article. You should create separate services for each site - in this way you can group together the rotas for each Service for each Site.

Multiple services?

While it's not necessary to assign every rota to a service - some rotas are not related to services - a rota can only be assigned to one Service - it's not possible to assign a rota to multiple services. If you are currently using "roles" to distinguish your various services in a rota, you'll need to break that rota into separate rotas - one for each service. Remember, where the same 'pool' of ministry members serve across multiple services you can easily create multiple rotas from the same underlying ministry, one rota for each service - in this way rota members will still be able to processes swaps across rotas created from the same ministry.

To add a new service, navigate to the Services section of the Rotas module and click Add service.

On the Add service pop up, give the service a suitable Name. You may wish to include the Site name in the service naming convention e.g. "9.30am Family Service (South Site)" - this will be helpful to rota members when viewing rota reminders they receive or when viewing lists of rotas in My ChurchSuite - especially if some people serve on rotas at more than just their own site. When adding a service, you will have the option to assign any existing unassigned Rotas to the new service - tick the Rotas to be be assigned and ignore the ones that don't apply. Click the Save button to add the new service.

The new Service 'view' page opens. You can return to this page at any time - see later in this article.

The Service is also added to the list of services:

Assigning rotas to a service in ChurchSuite

In addition to the method above of assigning rotas to a service when the service is first added, you can easily assign rotas to a Service when adding a rota in the Rotas module. On the Add rota page select the Service from the drop-down list.

Similarly, you can Edit an existing rota...

...and assign the rota to a Service. On the Edit rota pop up select a Service from the drop-down list.

You can also bulk-assign existing rotas to a Service using batch Actions. Working within the Rotas section of the module, select one or more rotas in the list. For long lists of rotas you may find it helpful to use the Advanced search to filter and identify just those rotas not already assigned to services. Tick the checkbox on the left for each rota to be assigned to a service and select Edit from the batch Actions menu...

On the batch action Edit pop up tick Service and select the appropriate service from the drop-down list...

Returning to the Services section, notice that the list of services includes details of the Date Range of the rotas for that service and the day(s) and times that the rotas for that service Serves On. Clicking on a service in the list will open the Service "View" page - see later section.

Assigning rotas to a service in My ChurchSuite

Ministry overseers working in the My Rotas section of My ChurchSuite can assign the new rotas they're creating to an existing Service. On the Add rota page select the Service from the drop-down list.

Similarly, Ministry overseers can Edit an existing rota in My ChurchSuite and assign the rota to a Service. On the Edit rota pop up select a Service from the drop-down list.

Note also how the list of rotas in My Rotas and Next Serving shows the service name too.

The All Rotas view in My Rotas can also be filtered by Service so that you see all the rotas for a service on a selected date.

Note that ministry overseers are not able to create new Services or add Service notes from within My ChurchSuite - these tasks can only be done by Rotas module users with at least "Manage" module permissions - see the earlier section in this article.

Working in the service view

Working within the Services section of the Rotas module, selecting a service from the list will open the service view.

From the service view you can easily navigate to any service Date within the range of dates of the linked rotas - all the linked rotas for the date are listed. You can make changes to any rota in the service view without having to open each rota separately.

The service view respects the rota order of each of the underlying rotas; however, you can override this and change the Order to Name or Role order for all rotas in the current service view.

The Add dates button is visible at the top of the service view date where one or more of the service's rotas don't yet have that date. This may be intentional - for example, a "Communion" rota that only serves on the first Sunday of a month may not be visible on the service view for the other Sundays of the month. However, with the Add dates button you can easily add additional service dates to some or even all of your existing rotas if you wish. For example, adding an ad hoc "Christmas" or "Good Friday" service date to your existing weekend service rotas (rather than create a new "service" instance and a new set of rotas for an ad hoc additional date).

Begin by navigating to the new service date using the date picker tool.

In the example above, having navigated to the service view for "24th December" - to add rotas for a special service - clicking Add dates opens the Add rota dates pop up with a list of any service rotas that do not have a date instance for "24th December". Rather than adding the 24th December to each rota manually and individually, tick to select which rotas to add a "24th December" date instance to and click Add to bulk add that date instance to all the selected rotas. Notice also that the service serving Start Time is listed for each rota. You can make ad hoc changes to the serving start time for each of the selected rotas - for example, on 24th December you may be happy for teams to begin serving a little later than a normal service. The rota reminders will reflect the serving times for each rota when they are sent in respect of the 24th December service.

After the rotas have been added it's then really easy to add people or teams to that new date from within the service view using the Add to date and Add to role option on each rota - you don't have to open each rota separately, one at a time, to assign rota members! You have complete flexibility - perhaps to populate some roles but not others.

You can even add a service note - perhaps to add a note of the service theme or readings for that day - and a plan - to create a service plan and running order.

In addition to the Rotas tab, the service view has further tabs showing full details of Clashes and Unavailability in respect of the service rotas being viewed and a full Changes log.

Finally, and importantly, the service view enables you to easily communicate with all the rota members for a service. Use the options on the Communicate button at the top of the page.

Managing existing services

If you need to change the Name of an existing service select Edit while viewing any service view date or select Edit from the Action menu in the Services section.

To delete a service entirely, either select Delete from the Action menu in the Services section of the module or hover over More on any service view date and click Delete. Deleting a service will also delete all service notes for that service and all service rotas will be unassigned from that service. The rotas are not deleted.

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