Grouping rotas with services

You can group your church's rotas into your various Services for the purposes of reporting and communication. Rotas with the same service can also share service notes.

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Adding a new service
Assigning rotas to a service in ChurchSuite
Assigning rotas to a service in My ChurchSuite
Working in the service view
Managing existing services

Adding a new service

Intended functionality...

Services (and service notes) can only be created from within ChurchSuite by a user (although a rota overseer can link their rota in My ChurchSuite to an existing service that has been created). 

Are you a multi-site church?

You should create separate services for each of your sites - in this way you can group together just the service rotas related to that site.

A rota can only be assigned to one service - it's not possible to assign a rota to multiple services. Therefore, if you are currently using roles to distinguish your various services in a single multi-site service rota, you'll need to break that rota into separate rotas - one for each site. Remember, where the same pool of ministry members serve at multiple services, you can create multiple rotas from the same ministry, one for each service - rota members will always be able to swap across multiple rotas for the same ministry.

To add a new service, navigate to Rotas > Services and click  Add service.

Give your new service a suitable Name e.g. "10.30am Morning Service". You may wish to include the site name in the service name e.g. "9.30am Family Service (South Site)" - this will be helpful to rota members when viewing their rota reminders or lists of rotas in My ChurchSuite. If you have existing rotas that are not currently linked to a service, you can select rotas from the list to be assigned to the service. Click the Add service button on the pop-up window to save the new service.

The new service is created - see below. You can now add service notes to service dates if you wish - see related support article. You can also assign other rotas to the new service (see next section).

Assigning rotas to a service in ChurchSuite

You can easily assign a rota to a Service when adding a new rota in ChurchSuite.

You can also Edit an existing rota...

...and assign an existing rota to a Service.

Where you have multiple existing rotas, you can bulk-assign them to a service using batch actions. Begin by selecting one or more rotas to assign - you may find it helpful to use Advanced search to quickly filter a list of rotas not already assigned to a service. Tick the checkbox for each rota in the list as appropriate, and select Edit from the Actions menu...

In the Edit modal, tick Service and select the appropriate service from the drop-down list...

Note that a list of rotas to be updated are listed within the modal. Scroll down the list of rotas and type I CONFIRM in the confirmation box and then click Edit to process the changes.

Be sure to wait for the batch action processing to complete - a success message is displayed confirming when the updates are finished.

Returning to the Services section, notice that the list of services includes details of the Date Range of the rotas for that service and the day(s) and times that the rotas for that service Serves On.

Click to view a service and the rotas assigned to that service.

Assigning rotas to a service in MyChurchSuite

As with users in ChurchSuite, rota overseers can assign the new rotas that they're creating to an existing Service when adding the rota through their My Rotas section within My ChurchSuite...

Overseers can also select to Edit an existing rota in My ChurchSuite and assign that rota to a Service.

Note also how the list of rotas in My Rotas and Next Serving shows the service name too. In this way, the rota name doesn't need to include the service name/time in your rota-naming convention, if you wish.

NOTE that new services and service notes cannot be added or edited by overseers in My ChurchSuite - creating new services and service notes can only be done by a User with Manage permissions or an Administrator in the Rotas module in ChurchSuite.

Working in the service view

Navigating to the Services section in the Rotas module and selecting a service from the list will open that service in service view.

The service view is a dynamic page that allows users to easily navigate to a particular service date and even make changes to rotas within the service view if you wish.

Within the service view, use the Date selector tools to move forwards and backwards through rota dates for a service, or use the date selector to jump to a specific date.

The service view respects the rota order of each of the underlying rotas, however you can override this and change the Order to Name or Role order for all rotas in the current service view.

The Add dates button is visible on any service date being viewed where there are active rotas that don't have that instance of a service date. This may be intentional - for example, the Communion rota that only serves on the first Sunday of a month won't be visible on service view for the other Sundays of the month. In this way you can quickly add missing service dates to some or all of your existing rotas if you wish - perhaps where you're adding a new service date that date doesn't yet exist on any of the current rotas for that service - for example, adding an ad hoc Good Friday service date to your existing Sunday service rotas. In the following example, having navigated to 24th November, I can see that none of the existing rotas assigned to this 10.30am service have a 24th November instance. The Add dates option therefore makes it really easy to quickly add a 24th November instance to some or all of the rotas for my 10.30 service.

In the example below, clicking Add dates we see that there are 5 rotas that do not have a rota date instance for 17th November. Rather than adding the 17th November to each rota manually, we can easily select one or more rotas from the list to Add a 17th November date instance to.

It's then really easy to add people to those rotas for that new date from within the service view - you don't have to assign rota members to each underlying rota!

As with rota view, the service view includes full details of rota Clashes and Unavailability in respect of the service being viewed, and also a full Changes log in respect of the service rotas being viewed.

Finally, you can easily communicate with all rota members for a service date using the options on the Communicate button at the top of a service view. Send communications are logged against each rota member's person profile in the Address Book or Children module, and in the Recent Activity section for the service date.

Managing existing services

If you need to change the name of an existing service, select Edit while viewing any service date, or select Edit from the action cog on the Services list (see below).

If you need to unlink a rota from a service - perhaps because you've linked an incorrect rota - click through to the rota in question and select "Edit [rota]" from the top of the rota page, and unlink the rota. 

To unlink multiple rotas, you can use the Advanced Search on the rotas list to filter for a service and then use the Batch Actions to bulk-unlink the selected rotas from a service...

To delete a service entirely, either click the Delete button in the top right corner of any date within the service view, or select Delete from the action cog on the Services list (see below). Deleting a service will also delete all service notes for that service and all service rotas will be unassigned from that service. The rotas themselves are not deleted.

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