Produce giving statements for your givers

You can easily produce beautiful, styled Statement of Donations for your Givers that can be printed or emailed.

This can be done for each Giver individually, from their Giver profile page, by pressing "Print statement"...

...or they can be produced as a batch, either printed or emailed, from the "Giving" > "Reports" > "Statement of Donations" report.

The report can be optionally filtered by Tags, Funds or range of donation amounts, or include all donations for a specified range of dates. Be sure to click "Generate" after making any changes to the filter options. Statements can be printed or emailed.

To email the Statements, click "Send statements". Optionally select whom the statements are emailed from and the email 'subject'. Tick to confirm you want to email the statements that have been filtered (27 statements in the example below) and click "Email Statements". The user is alerted to any statements that will not be sent e.g. if the giver doesn't have an email address or the giver has opted out of receiving emails in their linked Address Book profile.

A success message confirms that the statements have been submitted to ChurchSuite's server for processing and emailing - statement emailing happens as a background task, meaning you can continue working without having to wait for large numbers of statements to be produced.

If there were any Statements for Givers without email addresses, they are automatically filtered and displayed on the screen - note that the "Givers without email only" filter is selected - It's then a simple task of printing those Statements in hard-copy form ready for distribution manually.

Helpfully, all emailed Statements of Donations are logged in the Giver's communication history as a record of being sent. Where a giver profile is set as a "Couple", the statements will be address to both partners, otherwise the statement is address to the giver.

In the event that any email errors occur during the background task, for example a hard bounce, the sender will receive an email errors notification.

Further details about the error reasons can also be found in the Email Errors report in the Giving module reports.

Customising your Statements

You can further customise Statements by adding a custom message. To do this, head in to the "Giving" module settings (via the cog-wheels in the top right of the module). You'll need Manage module or Administrator permissions to do this, plus any additional Giving module password you may have set. On the module options tab, scroll down to the "Statement of Donations" section where you can add (and format) a custom message that will appear on each Statement that is emailed or printed.

Top Tip!

By using ChurchSuite's communication merge fields (see related article), you can add personalised content to your Statements of Donations in the above message field e.g. ::full_address:: for the Giver's postal address, or ::giver_reference:: for the Giver's personal giver reference number within the Giving module.

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