Communication merge fields

When sending out communication through ChurchSuite, either email or SMS, there are a number of merge fields available to you to use so that you can personalise your communications. Not all merge fields are available to all communication methods, however, the full list is detailed below: -

Merge Field Example Email SMS
::cellular:: (855) 808-1833 Yes Yes
::contact_details:: Address: 144 Pruder Street, Nottingham, Notts, NG9 2FE
Telephone: 0115 824 2300
Mobile: 07987 654 321
Yes Yes
::contact_name:: George Baker Yes Yes
::couple_first_name:: George & Sally (if linked to a Spouse/Partner), or George (if not linked to Spouse/Partner) Yes Yes
::custom1:: Your 1st custom field Yes Yes
::custom2:: Your 2nd custom field Yes Yes
::custom3:: Your 3rd custom field Yes Yes
::custom4:: Your 4th custom field Yes Yes
::custom5:: Your 5th custom field (...up to 10th) Yes Yes
::date_of_birth:: 1 Jan 1980 Yes Yes
::email:: Yes Yes
::first_name:: George Yes Yes
::full_address:: 144 Pruder Street, Nottingham, Notts, NG9 2FE Yes Yes
::last_name:: Baker Yes Yes
::mobile:: 07987 654 321 Yes Yes
::my_link:: URL to login to My ChurchSuite Yes No
URL to register for My ChurchSuite Yes No
::roles:: Worship Leader Yes Yes
::telephone:: 0115 824 2300 Yes Yes
::title:: Mr Yes Yes


When viewing sent communications in ChurchSuite (perhaps in a contact's recent activity, or using the Communications report), the emails show in a pre-merged form, so you will see ::merge field:: rather than the final data for that merge field. This is intended functionality that prevents needing to store each and every email that you send when they go to multiple recipients; instead we simply store one email (pre-merged) and we store the distribution details. As long as you have correctly formatted your merge fields when you embed them into an email, your email recipients will see the correct data.

Importantly, all merge fields are surrounded by double colons and have no spaces in the field names e.g. ::last_name::

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