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When does a clash arise?
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When you create a booking in ChurchSuite we want to make it as clear as possible whether the resources you need are actually available. To make this possible, we have in-built clash detection that alerts the User if a resource has already been booked. Obviously there are circumstances where an allocation clash may be wholly appropriate; maybe the clash relates to the Set Up time of one booking and the Set Down of another, or maybe the resource can indeed be used by multiple groups simultaneously (like a kitchen), or maybe there is some other arrangement that means it is useful to have both bookings logged on the system even though they are clashing. In these situations ChurchSuite gives you the option to override the clash.

When does a clash arise?

A booking clash arises whenever a new booking is made which overlaps in any way with another booking on the system. If you create a booking that conflicts with another allocation of that resource, ChurchSuite will display live clash warnings as you're assigning Resources, preventing you from saving the booking and displaying the reasons for the clash.

From here you have two options. You can either change the details of your booking, by changing the time(s) or the resource(s). Alternatively, if it is appropriate to your bookings workflow, and you have the correct permissions, you can choose to override the clash and resolve it later.

When viewing bookings with clashes, a Booking Clashes table is displayed.

Overriding booking clashes

Overriding a clash allows you to save the booking in its current form. It does not change the details of the original booking for that resource, but treats them as two distinct, overlapping bookings.

To override a clash click Ignore clashes and save the booking? when presented with a Booking Clash notification:

To change who has permission to override clashes, head into the Bookings module's settings. On the Module Options tab, click to Edit and change the Clash Approval setting as appropriate - either Just admin users or Users with Manage permission. Administrators will always be able to override clashes.

Booking clashes report

To keep track of clashes head into the Bookings module's Reports section and open the Clashes report.

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