Viewing multiple rotas in a single report

While it's helpful to view individual rotas, it's equally helpful to see an overview summary of multiple rotas, perhaps all the rotas for a particular service - either for a range of dates or perhaps just to know what's happening this coming Sunday - that's where the rota Overview report will help you. The Overview report is fully editable, meaning that you can visualise and make changes across multiple rotas from within the report.

You can access the report using the Overview button at the top of the Rotas list...

...and also from the Rotas module's Reports section.

From the example Overview report below, note how the report can be filtered for a range of Dates (or just a single date if you prefer). You can also filter by Ministry, Rota, Role and Service, perhaps selecting just those that serve on a particular day of the week (default is "any" day) or just those rotas for a particular Service. You can optionally Order the report's rotas by rota member Name or Role and Group by Time, Date or Service; and optionally set whether the report should start each new rota date on a new page. Select whether to show empty dates - ideal for spotting if a ministry doesn't have a rota yet! You can also optionally include a rota members table of contact details at the end of the report (which will respect the privacy settings of each rota member). Remember to click Generate in order to apply filter changes and see the report's results.

The Overview report shows rota notes at the top of each respective rota in the results but service notes, which apply to all rotas for a service, are only visible if the report filters are set to Group by Service (here's an example).

You can Communicate to those people in the report's results by email/SMS or use Send report to forward the report by email to another person:

You can also Download the report as a CSV or PDF or Print report:

Note that the Print report option works best when the rotation is set to Landscape in the print preview settings. It may also be necessary to adjust other printer settings in the print preview in order to get the report to render more elegantly - this is wholly dependent on the printer. As an alternative, use the Download PDF option to render the report correctly, download it to your desktop and print it from there. Please note the PDF download will always split multiple dates to separate pages, regardless of whether the 'Print dates on separate pages' option is unchecked or not.

When you Download the Overview report to a CSV format file, clashes and unavailability are distinguished by symbols in front of the rota member's name (!! for Clash, and -- for Unavailable) - colour and strikethrough text formatting are not possible when exporting CSV files. The downloaded CSV file can be viewed and further manipulated in popular spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers. The Overview CSV is always sorted by rota member Name order only - it is not possible to download a CSV format file sorted in Role order.

Note: In Microsoft Excel on a Mac we've noticed that multi-line rows in CSV files often render as just a single line visible per row (with a row height of 16px), meaning that other lines in the rows are not readily apparent and appear missing, when in fact they are only hidden. Selecting the entire spreadsheet in Excel and then selecting Format > Rows > Auto-fit reveals the concealed content. This issue only happens in Excel, not Numbers.

Top Tip!

Did you know that there's an Overview report that your rota members can view in My ChurchSuite? It's called the All Rotas report and is visible to serving rota members and ministry overseers in the My Rotas section. It works in much the same way as the Overview report in ChurchSuite and is a great way for people to see what's happening on any given date or service.

Check out the related support article Granting all-rotas access to your serving team members. Note - there's a Rotas module option that needs to be enabled before the feature is operational in My Rotas!

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