Assigning roles within your small groups

Small Groups roles are a really useful way of organising the members of your small groups, making it easier to communicate with groups of people by their role. Once you've created a role, it's really easy to assign that role to the relevant people in your groups. For each role you create, there are a number of functions and settings that those with that role can then perform - like attendance recording in My ChurchSuite.

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Creating and assigning roles
Additional options and permissions for those in roles
Communicating with groups of people by role

Creating and assigning roles

Navigate to Small Groups > Roles and select the "Add Role" button in the top left corner.

Enter the name of the role (e.g. Leader, Worship Leader, Attendance Submitter, Prayer Coordinator, Flyer Contact, Co-Leader). Next, select which additional options and My ChurchSuite permissions are to be granted for group members who are assigned this role in their group. See below for an explanation of each option and permission. Click to 'Save Changes' before navigating away from the page.

Helpful icons give you an 'at a glance' view of the options and My ChurchSuite permissions you have assigned for each role. Hover your cursor over an Option or My ChurchSuite permissions to see what the option is.

Note also how you can easily order small group roles using the up/down icons. Simply click any up/down icon to open the "Reorder" page and make changes as appropriate.

Having create a role(s), you simply need to assign the role(s) to specific group members in each of your small groups. To do this, navigate to Small Groups > Groups to view a list of all your small groups. Select each group in turn and click "Edit group"

On the "Edit group" page, scroll down to the Members section. Note that each of your small group Roles are listed as column headings at the top of the member list. Simply tick the respective role checkbox against a member's name. A group member can be assigned multiple roles within one group if required.

Click to 'Save Changes' before navigating away from the "Edit group" page.

You can also assign roles to new group members by using the "Add to group" option on a small group's page (the button is located at the top of the group Member list)...

Simply search for a person, select their role(s) from the drop-down list, and save the changes by clicking "Add To Group".

Additional options and permissions for those in roles

When creating a Role you can choose whether additional functionality and permissions should be granted to those assigned with that Role. To grant those in that role these additional functions and permissions simply ensure that the relevant option is ticked on the 'Add' or 'Edit' role screen. These permissions will only extend to the groups in which they hold that role; they don't extend to other groups that they may be members of but without a role.

Each of these role options is now explained below.

Flyer Contact Details

When enabled, group members with this role will have their contact phone number and email address visible on the printed flyers for their Small Group. Note that only one person's details can appear on flyers, so make sure only one person per group has this role. To help with this, you may find it helpful to create a role called "Flyer Contacts" and then assign it to just one member in each small group. For guidance on how to print flyers for small Groups, check out the related articles section below.

Please Note: In order for a contact's details to be visible on your flyers you'll need to check that both email and mobile are set as visible in the member's Address Book profile page. You may need to seek permission to change their privacy settings to display on flyers, or select a different member who is happy for their contact details to be shared in this way. The order of preference is that a mobile number is display. If the contact doesn't have one in the Address Book, their home telephone number is used. It is not possible to specify which number is used - the order is simply mobile, and if not present, home telephone.

Top Tip!

If you simply want a mobile number on your flyers, you can go to the member's contact page in the Address Book and temporarily untick 'Email is visible' for their profile. You can then print the flyers with just the mobile number, and then return to the Address Book and re-enable the email visibility. The same process works if you simply want an email address.

Notify of Sign-Ups

Small group members assigned with this role settings will be notified when people sign-up to their group through either My ChurchSuite or the Small Group Sign-Up Embed. This can be a really useful, especially during a sign-up period, as it allows small group leaders to stay on top of who's joining their groups, and helping them be more proactive about welcoming newcomers.

Viewing sign-ups before the group starts

Often churches will run a sign-up period that begins prior to the small group's start date. While small group members with this "Notify of Sign-Ups" option enabled will receive email notifications of new sign-ups, they will only be able see the list of group members in My Groups if the "Enable attendance submission" option is checked in the Small Group Module settings for My ChurchSuite. (Go to Small Groups > Module Settings > My ChurchSuite and "Enable attendance submission").

Visible in My ChurchSuite?

Selecting the "Visible?" option will show this role against the member's name in the My Groups member list within My ChurchSuite. This will mean that group members, or those that sign-up to that group through My ChurchSuite (if you have 'make member list immediately available' selected within the Group's sign-up options) will see assigned roles of group members. This can be really useful for newcomers to identify the group leaders. However, in some churches, role invisibility may be more preferable; in which case, simply disable the "Visible?" role option.

Attendance Submission

Small group members assigned with this role can submit attendance data through My ChurchSuite. For this to function, attendance submission must be enabled globally in the small group module "My ChurchSuite" settings. Attendance data recorded in this way is pulled straight through directly to ChurchSuite, helping pastors and leaders monitor small group engagement, to see which groups have available capacity to direct newcomers to, to quickly spot pastoral issues where a member is seemingly withdrawing from small group community.

Small group members with this role option enabled, will see an 'Add attendance' button appear on their My Groups page within My ChurchSuite. From there they can simply tick all of those who were present, or use the notes field to record any visitor information, or even record if the group didn't meet. Attendance submitters will also be able to see an 'Attendance' tab in My Groups, giving a simple summary of recent group attendance - really helpful for spotting who's not been for a while.

Edit Group Details

Small group members assigned with this role permission will be able to access an 'Edit Details' button in My Groups within My ChurchSuite. This functionality allows role holders to manage group members - including being be able to add/remove members from the group.

Additionally, group information can also be edited by this role holder. The precise details that can be edited by these role holders is set in the small group module's settings, as this is global setting across all small groups. Go to "Small Groups" > Module options (by clicking on the admin cog in the top right hand corner of page). From there click on the "My ChurchSuite" tab and scroll down to the "Editable Fields" section.

Once you have set which areas those with the 'Edit Group Details' option enabled in their role are able to change, they'll be able to click on 'Edit Details' and make any necessary changes straight from My ChurchSuite. All changes will pull back through to the Group's page in ChurchSuite.

Communicating with Roles

Whether it's issuing an invitation to Small Group Leaders to attend an end of year party, or linking resources to small group Junior Leaders, or sending chords to this month's latest worship song to your small group Worship Leaders, "Roles" makes the task of communications super easy. Here we outline two useful ways to communicate by role.

First, simply head to the "role" in your Small Groups module that you wish to communicate with ("Small Groups" > "Roles") and then click the "Communicate" button to send an email or SMS to all the small group members assigned with that role.

Alternatively, within the Small Groups > Communication page, you have the option to direct a Small Group communication to "All members" of a group(s), or just those with a particular "role(s)".

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