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Customising your small group flyers
Distributing or sharing your small group flyers

ChurchSuite provides you with elegant, printable A6 small group promotional flyers. Rather than working with complex graphics software, and pulling the existing group information held within the Small Groups module, you can produce simple promotional flyers or leaflets with the press of a button. We've even made it really easy to share and distribute your flyers by email - perfect if you’re trying to connect a new person with some potential groups they could join.

To print flyers for a small group, go to "Small Groups" > "Groups", select a group and simply click the "Print flyers" button at the top of the page.

This will produce a printable PDF document containing 4-up flyers to a page. The PDF is optimised for UK A4 and US Letter paper stocks, but can be scaled using your system's print dialogue.

Customising your small group flyers

While the layout of the flyers cannot be customised, the styling and content can. Here are the various sections of the flyers.

The Logo at the top of the flyer is taken from your account logo, set within "Administrator" > "Profile". For guidance on how to set your church's styling and logos, check out the related articles below.

The image displayed in the centre of the flyer is the small group image. This can easily be added/changed by clicking "Edit Group" on your Small Group's page. If your small group does not have an image uploaded, the system will insert your church's "emblem". Your emblem (like your logo) can be set within "Administrator" > "Profile".

Your Small Group Name is the name of the Group as displayed in the Small Groups module. This can be changed by clicking "Edit Group" on your Small Group's page. Some churches use leader names to identify their groups, but for privacy you may prefer to use a different naming convention, such as the area or locality of the group e.g. "City Centre Group".

The styling of the boxes containing the time, location and contact details of your small group are set dependent on the profile colour you have selected in "Administrator" > "Profile". The top and bottom boxes will be your profile's colour, with the middle box automatically assuming a darker tone to make the flyers look more visually striking. The system will automatically set the text colour to complement the colour of the boxes.

The top box contains the day, time and meeting frequency of the group. This can be set or changed by clicking "Edit Group" on the Small Group page.

The centre box will contain the Location Name and Postcode as determined in the group's detail page. To change this, select "Edit Group" on the small group page. If the location name is too long it will it will obscure the postcode; therefore keep the location brief e.g. "Beeston" or "Dave & Gill's Home" or "South Nottingham".

The final box contains the mobile number and email address of a contact member of the small group. This option is managed in small group "Roles". Typically this might be the Leader role or a Host role. Small group members can then be assigned a role as appropriate. Within the Small Groups > Roles page is an option (shown below) to designate that role be the one shown on small group flyers.

Note: If the flyer contact does not have a mobile number, their home telephone number is used. It is not possible to specify which contact number is used - the order is simply mobile by default, or home telephone if there is no mobile number. It's also important that the "mobile is visible" and/or "telephone is visible" is enabled for the flyer contact on their profile page in the Address Book, otherwise the contact details won't pull through to the flyer - ChurchSuite respects privacy options in this regard.

The Background colour of your flyers cannot be changed.

Top Tip!

You might find it useful to create a Role called "Flyer Contact (Small Groups > Roles > Add Role). This role can then be assigned to one person on a group by group basis. Note that only contact can be displayed on the small group flyers, so be sure to only assign your "Flyer contact" role to one member in each group.

For further information on creating and assigning small group roles, see the related support article at the end of the page.

Distributing or sharing your small group flyers

Having customised your flyers, sharing or distributing them in your email communications is then really easy.

From within any group page in the Small Group module, select Communicate > "Send flyer"...

...Select which group(s) and what information to include. Click "Proceed".

The email "compose" window opens with the group(s) and group detail embedded into the body content. Simply tweak your message as required, perhaps personalising it with merge fields of setting a template, and give you email a "subject". Click "Preview Email".

All that's left is to add one or more recipients. At the top of the email preview page, click "Add recipient" to search and add one or more recipients. Once you're done, click "Send Email".

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