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Distributing small group flyers


ChurchSuite provides you with elegant, printable A6 small group promotional flyers. Rather than working with complex graphics software and exporting existing group information from the Small Groups module, you can produce simple promotional flyers or leaflets with the press of a button. We've even made it easy to distribute flyers by email - perfect if youโ€™re trying to connect a new person with some suggested groups they could join.

To print flyers for a small group, go to the group "View" page in the Small Groups module, hover over More and click Print flyers.

This will produce a printable PDF document containing 4 flyers on a page. The PDF is optimised for UK A4 and US Letter paper stocks but can be scaled using your browser's print dialogue. Note that each flyer includes the unique QR code for the small group, allowing potential sign-ups to scan this with their device camera to instantly access the sign up page.

The bottom box on the flyer contains the mobile number and email address of the group's designated flyer contact. This is determined by a small group Role permission being assigned to one member of each group. Typically this may be the Leader role or a Host role. Head to the Roles section of the Small Groups module to add or edit a role with Flyer Contact Details permission. Then ensure that one member of each group (the flyer contact) is assigned that role.

Note: If the flyer contact does not have a mobile number, their home telephone number is used. It is not possible to specify which contact number is used - the order is mobile by default or home telephone if there is no mobile number. It's also important that "mobile is visible" and/or "telephone is visible" is enabled for the flyer contact on their profile page in the Address Book, otherwise, the contact details won't pull through to the flyer - ChurchSuite respects privacy options in this regard.

For further information on creating and assigning small group roles, see the related support article at the end of the page.

Distributing small group flyers

From a small group "View" page, select Send flyer from the Communicate drop-down menu at the top of the page.

On the Send Flyer options pop-up, optionally search and select other Groups to be included in the email and select the optional information Options you wish to include in the email. Click Proceed.

The Send email pop-up opens with the group flyer/s embedded into the body content of the message. Add an email Subject and make any further personalisation changes you wish. Click Preview Email.

All that's left is to add one or more Recipients. Click Add recipient to search and select people or tags. Once you're done, click Send Email.

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