Tracking small group membership

Central to ChurchSuite is the ability for leaders and pastors to stay on top of the spiritual journey of their members. A helpful indicator of spiritual health is often small group membership (and attendance). To help understand the effectiveness of your small group ministry we've provided extensive reporting so that you can visualise the movement of people in and out of small groups.

Recent Changes report - joined/left group

In the Reports section of the Small Groups module, in the Members reports section is the Recent Changes report.

This report can be filtered to show All Groups or a particular selection of Groups or groups within a particular Cluster, within a range of Dates. The report can also be further filtered by Contact Tags, perhaps to view just those in your "Members" tag. A Change filter provides filtering for Joined group or Left group. Click Generate after changing any of the report filters.

The Results columns are click-sortable. Clicking on a report column heading allows the results to be sorted as you wish.

Group Members report

The Group Members report is also useful for seeing a list of members in each of your small groups. Filter the report by Groups, Meets on meeting day, Clusters, Roles, group member Status, Contact Tags or Group Tags to get just the right level of detail that you need for just the right groups. Click Generate after changing any of the report filters.

The report shows everyone currently in a matching group, along with their contact details, the date they joined, any roles assigned within the group and the member status within the group, all grouped under each group's name, group-by-group. The report includes all contacts and children that have an 'active' or 'pending' (but not 'archived') contact status within the Address Book or Children module.

Multi-Group Members report

This report is designed to show you the contact and group details of everyone who is a member of more than one group. The report statistics show you the total number of people (contacts and children) in your account (for the "Site" being viewed), and the proportion of those people in an active group and in multiple active groups. The report can be further filtered for Future or Active & Future groups. The results are a list of those matching contacts and children who are in more than one group, and details of the groups they belong to.

Engagement report

The Engagement report is a useful way of creating graphs of the monthly engagement of small groups over time within a range of dates. Filtering by Group Tags you can see just your 'Bible study groups" or perhaps your "Activate-style" groups.

The report looks at both group members and visitors. Visitors are calculated as the difference between the total group attendance for a date and the total group members "ticked" as being in attendance on that date. For example, a group with 12 "ticked" attendees and total attendance of 15 on a given date is deemed to have 3 visitors in attendance.

A more detailed explanation of the Engagement report can be found in the related support article on Small group attendance below.

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