Adding people to small groups

Want to add a person to a small group? ChurchSuite makes it easy to stay on top of your church's small group ministry by making this as simple as possible.

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Adding members to a small group in My ChurchSuite
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Adding members to a small group in ChurchSuite

To add a contact or child to a small group, go to "Small Groups" > "Groups". Here you'll see a list of existing groups.

Select the group from the list and scroll down the group page to the Group Members section. Click the "Add to group" button at the to of the Group Members list.

You can now search by person (contact or child) or tag, optionally assigning roles as appropriate and sending a sign-up confirmation email (if a confirmation has been set up for the group) - which will be sent to the person being added to the group and also to those in the group whose role has "Notify of sign-up" enabled e.g. the Leaders (Go to Small Groups > Roles > Edit role to see these settings).

Within both ChurchSuite and My ChurchSuite, children are indicated by a "child icon" next to their name on group lists and reports and when searching for members to add to a group. While child contact details will be visible to users in your admin-facing system, child contact details are never visible to group members in the member-facing My ChurchSuite.

The "Add to group" button that we saw above on the group page is also available in other modules, making it really easy for your users to add people to group from wherever they are working. For example, here in the Address Book on a contact's profile page...

...or here on a Tag page - see separate support articles on Fixed Tags and Smart Tags...

...and finally, here, when processing people through Flows that include an "Add to small group" action within the Flow's stage that you are processing. See separate support article on "Flows".

Adding members to a small group in My ChurchSuite

Certain group members, by virtue of their "Role" can add members to their small group in the member-facing My ChurchSuite. Typically this would be the group leaders (i.e. those assigned with a "Leader" role), but you may wish to assign "add member" permissions to other roles too. Before those role-holders can add/remove people from their groups in My ChurchSuite, check that the appropriate permissions are granted.

Go to Small Groups > Roles and select "Edit role" from the action cog on the right hand side of a role (e.g. your Leader role).

Ensure the "Edit Group Details?" option is checked and save your changes. You may also wish to enable "Notify of Sign-ups" so that group members with that role can be notified when people sign-up to their group or are added to the group as shown in the previous section of this article.

Next, make sure that at least one group member in each small group is assigned that Role - edit each group in turn and check the "Role" for the group member(s) who you wish to assign those permissions to. Save the changes to made to the small group before moving on to the next group.

Having assign role permissions to each group, holders of that role can now manage the group member list in My ChurchSuite. From the My Groups menu, select the group and click "Edit" at the top of the group page.

On the "My group details" page they can now add and remove members to/from the group. Remember to save changes before closing the group details page.

Adding members through small group sign-up

In addition to being able to add people to Small Groups through your admin-facing system, ChurchSuite also includes sign-up functionality to enable people to "sign-up" and join small groups of their choice. They can sign-up through My ChurchSuite, at your church information desk using the Connect > "Groups List" area, and also via your website using Embed. See the related support articles for more information about Connect and Embed.

Managing Contacts added through My ChurchSuite sign-up

Contacts who sign up to a small group through My ChurchSuite will be automatically added to the Small Group in ChurchSuite. To see a list of those who have signed up recently go to "Address Book" > "Key Dates" > "Joined Group" and specify a date range within which you want to view sign-ups.

Managing Contacts added through the web-embed Small Group sign-up

Those who sign up through the embed with details matching those of a Contact in ChurchSuite will automatically be added to the relevant Small Group, in much the same way as if they signed up through My ChurchSuite.

Those who sign up through the embed with unique details will be added onto ChurchSuite, and added into the relevant small Group, in a pending state. They will show up in the Small Group in both ChurchSuite, and My ChurchSuite, however none of their details will pull through, and they will not be able to see or access any small group information.

To move their status from 'pending' to 'active', and thereby making them a full member of the Small Group, simply click through to their profile page, and click 'Set Active'.

Please Note: You will have to have Manage or Admin Access to the Address Book in order to set a Contact added through the embed as 'active'.

Top Tip!

Staying up to date with new people added through the embed is easy. Just ensure that you set up an email alert to be sent out every time a new Contact is added through the embed. To do this go to the Address Book Module Options (by clicking on the admin cog in the top right corner); you'll have to have manage or admin access to the Address Book to do this. Then go to the 'Embed' tab and ensure the relevant email address is entered into the 'Notifications' field.

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