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Adding group members in ChurchSuite

To add a contact or child to a small group, head to the Groups section of the Small Groups module. Note how you can switch to View past, active and future groups.

Select the group from the list. On the group's "View" page, click onto the Members tab and click Add member.

On the Add member pop up, use the People search to search for people or tags (of multiple people) - the matching results will auto-suggest as you begin to type.

Note how you can optionally search, select and add multiple People in the same process...

When adding people to groups you can optionally assign Roles - see the related support for further details about creating and assigning roles. Roles change from grey to blue when selected.

Members are added to the group with either a Pending or Active Status. Active group members are joined immediately to the group and are able to view the group's member list in My ChurchSuite (subject to the group's 'member list visibility' setting); Pending group members are added, but must first be approved (set active) by the group's leaders before they are able to view the group's member list in My ChurchSuite. Pending status group members will not receive group emails sent by fellow group members from within My ChurchSuite until they are first set active. Group members with a pending status will not be visible on the group's member list to other group members until they are set active. Subject to their "role permissions", small group leaders are able to "set active" pending group members from within My ChurchSuite, or a User can set them active here, from the group's "View" page when adding or editing the member.

You can optionally tick to Send a confirmation email (if a confirmation has been set up for the group) to the person/people being added to the group and also to any group members assigned with a Role that has "Notify of sign-up" enabled e.g. the Leaders. See the related support for further details about creating and assigning roles and role permissions.

Within ChurchSuite and My ChurchSuite, children are indicated by a "child icon" next to their name in group lists and reports and when searching for people to add to a group. While child contact details will be visible to Users in your admin-facing ChurchSuite system, child contact details are never visible to other group members in the member-facing My ChurchSuite.

From the Members tab you can easily perform common actions for a member...

From the Members tab you can select multiple members and perform batch Actions on the selected members.

When a new member is added to a group, a Joined group Key Date is automatically added against the person in the Address Book or Children module. A Left group Key Date is also added when you remove a member from the group.

ChurchSuite makes it really easy to add people to small groups wherever they may be working in the system. For example, there's an Add to group option on people profile pages...

...and here on a Tag page - see separate support articles on Fixed Tags and Smart Tags...

...and also here, when processing people through Flows that include an Add to group action for the Flow's stage that you are processing. See separate support article on Flows.

Adding group members in My ChurchSuite

Certain group members, by virtue of an assigned role, are able to manage the Members list of their own small group in the My Groups section of the member-facing My ChurchSuite platform. Typically this would be the group's leaders (i.e. those assigned with a "Leader" role), but equally you may wish to assign Edit Group Details permissions to other roles too. See the related support article for further information on creating and assigning small group roles.

Only contacts or children that already exist in your ChurchSuite database can be added to groups. For those not yet in your ChurchSuite account you could consider directing them to your website small group sign-up page, which will add them to group member list with a Pending or Active status, depending on the group's default member status setting.

To add a new group member in My ChurchSuite, click the Add member button at the top of the Members list.

On the Add member pop up, use the Person search to find the person you wish to add. You can add multiple people in the same pop up if you wish. As you type, the search will auto-suggest from your Address Book and Children module. You can optionally assign Roles where applicable. Roles can only be created by Small Groups module Users in ChurchSuite - those with Edit Group Details permissions are not able to create roles, only assign and un-assign them.

Group members with Edit Group Details permissions are able to see the status of any pending group members in the list.

...and Set them active using the options on the Action button menu. Active members are be able to see the group's Members list in My ChurchSuite (if the group's member list is visible). Pending status members are not able to view the Members list.

Members with Edit Group Details permissions can also Remove a member from the group entirely...

Adding group members through group sign-up

In addition to adding people to small groups in ChurchSuite and My ChurchSuite (explained above), ChurchSuite also includes group sign-up functionality to enable people to sign up and join small groups of their choice. For people to sign up to a group Sign Up must be enabled for that group and the sign-up period must be active. People can sign up to active and future groups.

Depending on each group's Sign Up settings people can sign-up: -

  • through the Group page, a unique web page for each group that you can easily distribute in your communications,
  • through the member-facing My ChurchSuite platform,
  • through Connect at your meeting/event information desk using the Groups List application
  • via your website Embed, where you can easily embed a map and list of your small groups on a page on your website.

See the related support articles for more information about group sign-up through My ChurchSuite, Connect and Embed.

When people sign up, it's possible, on a group-by-group basis, to set whether new sign-ups are added to a group's member list with an 'active' group member status, or with a 'pending' group member status, which requires a leader with appropriate role permissions to approve the 'pending' sign-ups and set them 'active'. This "approvals" option can be helpful where you want your leaders to choose whether to accept or decline people to the group, or where a group runs a waiting list. In this way, pending status members will not see the group's member list or receive group emails until the are first set active - either by a User in ChurchSuite, or by a group member in My ChurchSuite whose group role permissions include "Edit Group Details".

Note: If a leader decides not to activate (approve) a new group member or remove them, they will still need to contact that pending group member to let know - no removal notification is sent to removed members.

Here's an example of the public-facing Group page with sign up enabled and active.

Those who sign up to a small group are automatically added to the group's Members list in ChurchSuite; although they may not yet see that list themselves in My ChurchSuite depending on the Member List setting or their Pending group member status.

Keeping on top of new group members and sign-ups

You can easily view a list of those who have joined small groups - both those added through ChurchSuite, My ChurchSuite and those who have signed up.

Head to the Key Dates section of the Address Book module and locate the Joined group key date. The same principle applies to the Children module too.

On the Joined group key date "View" page, optionally specify a range of dates within which you wish to filter the results.

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