Event overseer functionality in My ChurchSuite

Designated event overseers have additional functionality available to them in the My Events section of My ChurchSuite in respect of any events that they oversee. This means that they can access certain event-related information without needing User access to the Calendar module. In order for an event to be visible in My ChurchSuite to an event overseer, the "Show in My ChurchSuite" option must be selected in the event's Visibility section. For further information about assigning overseers, see our related support article on Adding Events.

Overseers with My ChurchSuite access are able to view the list of people who have signed up for the event they oversee from the event's page in the My Events section by clicking on the Sign-Ups tab. The list shows the Name, contact Details, Notes, Ticket and the payment status of each sign-up's ticket.

Clicking on a sign-up in the list will open a pop up window showing the sign-up's contact details and their sign-up question responses.

The event overseer is also able to download a CSV file of the sign ups, using the Download CSV action:

Note that it is not possible or intended for overseers to communicate with event invitees or sign-ups from within My ChurchSuite - that functionality can only be done by a Calendar module User, sending from an authorised User email account, so that sent communications are appropriately logged.

Overseers are able to open Event Check-In. See the related support article for further information about this feature.

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