How to move a child to the Address Book

When a child turns 18 (or younger in some regions) or is no longer eligible for your Children module groups because they are considered an adult, subject to your data processing consent ChurchSuite makes it easy to move their data from the Children module into the Address Book while still retaining all their important information and historic children group attendance history. Note that ChurchSuite never 'auto-moves' a child. Here's how to move a child...

A quick and helpful way to identifying possible adults in your Children module is using a Smart Tag with a condition that matches children aged 18 or over. Once created, that tag will serve as a helpful reminder in the future when children turn 18. You can then move those tagged children at the appropriate time of the year once they have finished participating in their youth groups.

To move a child, working within the Children module and viewing the child's profile page, select Move to Address Book from the More actions button...

On the Move to Address Book pop up confirmation confirm that you're happy to proceed with moving the child to the Address Book by clicking Proceed, or click X to abort.

The Move to Address Book pop up opens with all the child's data pre-populated into the equivalent Address Book fields. Review the information in the pop up, perhaps adding known missing information and any 'required' custom fields. At the end of the pop up click Save to complete the process.

The child is moved. All the child's details, communication options, tags, and key dates are retained in their new Address Book contact profile, and event sign-up/invite history, small group membership and rota participation are unaffected and remain linked. The child is removed from all Children module Gatherings and Groups.

A Note is added against the contact's profile summarising the move, including details of any child data that wasn't moved i.e. where the data relates to the Children module only.

...And a Changes log is added too.

Having moved the chid to the Address Book you can now continue, perhaps editing the contact's profile to remove any irrelevant "child" tags that were carried across.

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