How to move a contact to the Children module

You can easily move a contact from the Address Book to the Children module - perhaps if you've made a mistake when importing data or creating a child's profile in the Address Book inadvertently. Here's how...

Working within the Address Book and viewing the contact's profile page, select Move to Children from the drop-down More actions.

On the Move to Children confirmation pop-up, click Proceed to continue moving the contact to the Children module, or click X to abort.

The Move to Children pop-up opens with all the contact's data pre-populated into the equivalent child fields. Review the information in the pop-up, perhaps adding known missing information, parent details and any 'required' custom fields. At the end of the pop-up click Save to complete the process.

The contact is moved. All the details, communication options, tags, and key dates are retained. Event sign-up/invite history, small group membership and rota participation are unaffected.

A Note is added against the child's profile summarising the move, including details of any contact data that wasn't moved i.e. where the data relates to the Address Book only.

...And a Changes log is added too.

Having moved the contact to the Children module you can now continue, perhaps assigning the child to your children or youth groups as appropriate.

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