Developer API

Churches and other organisations who wish to develop their own custom functionality and website integrations are able to make use of ChurchSuite's developer API. Through use of an API key (that we provide on request) those custom applications can interact securely with the data stored in your ChurchSuite account.

An API key must be requested by your organisation's designated Account Contact to ChurchSuite Support; we also provide an OAuth endpoint for using the API as a specific Contact with limited access. However, use of the embed endpoints is not restricted. API access is only available to customers subscribing to the full suite of modules. For API access you will need an Administrator to create a User account specifically and only for API usage. That User account should only have those module permissions required for your API app to function.

ChurchSuite's latest API documentation can be found here.

As we are constantly developing and improving ChurchSuite our API documentation will always be in flux; we therefore recommend that you "watch" this project if you plan on using our API. The following modules currently have documented API Endpoints: -

  • Address Book
  • Administrator
  • Calendar
  • Children
  • Small Groups
  • My
  • Embed

API access is not currently possible for the Attendance, Rotas, Giving, Planning or Bookings modules.

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