Setting a password for a module

For each module in your admin-facing ChurchSuite platform you can optionally set a password, adding a further layer of security to the data within the module. While Administrators ordinarily have access to all modules, a module password enables you to restrict User and Administrator access to a module unless they know the module password. For example, you may have Administrator users who you wish to have full oversight of your ChurchSuite account but for whom you'd like to prevent access to the Giving module, where giver and donation data may be considered confidential. With a module password, you can ensure that only those with the module password access that confidential data. A module password applies to all users, regardless of the site or sites they may have access to - it's not a site-specific module password.

These passwords are quick and easy to set up, so let's get started! In this example, we'll set a password on the Giving module; however the principle is identical for all the other modules.

Setting the module password

Within the module to be secured, head into the module's settings - you'll need at least "Manage" permissions to make changes within the module's settings. Click Edit to enable module Password.

On the Module Password pop up, change the setting from Disabled to Enabled and enter the New Password and the Confirm Password that you would like to use for this module. A password Strength and Password Criteria indicator is provided to help you create a secure password. Click Save once you're happy with your selection.

After saving your new module password you will need to log out and back in to ChurchSuite before the change takes full effect. Once you have done this, attempt to access the module. If the previous steps have been completed correctly you will be immediately asked to enter the module Password and will not not be able to access the module until you do so correctly.

If you ever wish to change a module password, or if you decide that you no longer want to have to use one to access the module, you can easily change these settings in the module's settings. You'll be asked to enter the current module password to confirm the changes.

What if I've forgotten a module password?

For security reasons a forgotten module password cannot be reset by a User. However, if you enable support access on your ChurchSuite account and contact ChurchSuite Support with a note of the module name, we can reset the module password for you. Note that we may require confirmation from your designated Account Contact or from an identifiable module user.

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