Changing your ChurchSuite or CharitySuite subdomain

Your organisation's subdomain is your account name and forms the first part of the URL that you access ChurchSuite or CharitySuite in a browser e.g. or Your subdomain can be changed on request, perhaps if your organisation changes its name, or you wish to use a more memorable or abbreviated subdomain. You can also request that your account be switched from to

The ChurchSuite support team will be happy to check the availability of a preferred alternative subdomain name or offer alternative or similar names. Changing a subdomain name takes just a few minutes to complete once actioned, preferably at a time when users are not logged in. If they are logged in they will lose any changes they are making, or lose access to the data they are viewing and will have to log in again with the new subdomain URL.

Before changing a subdomain, you should consider the following consequences, which will need to be communicated to your users beforehand and may also need to be communicated to your members.

What happens when the subdomain name is changed?

  1. User login details remain unaffected by a subdomain change, however, users will need to re-bookmark any saved links to your organisation's ChurchSuite or CharitySuite login page, and will likely need to reselect your organisation/church name at the login page before entering their login details.
  2. All iCal feed subscriptions for calendars, bookings and rotas will break and will need to be resubscribed.
  3. Any web-embed ChurchSuite content will break, including My Details, small group embed, calendar embeds, the featured events feed, any embedded event pages, and Donate.
  4. Customer booking pages will need to be reissued so that your booking customers have links to the booking pages within the new subdomain.
  5. All users will need to use the new subdomain login page - the old subdomain login will not redirect, it will cease to exist entirely.
  6. App users will be logged out of their apps and will have to re-login. In some circumstances, the app will become unresponsive, which will unavoidably require the app user to delete and reinstall the app to re-authenticate.
  7. Desktop and smart device shortcuts will break and will need to be re-made under the new subdomain.
  8. Child check-in kiosk mode in Chrome under Windows will need to be re-created with the new kiosk mode URL for your new subdomain.
  9. Any API applications and JSON feed code will need updating to contain the new subdomain URL for "calls"

How to request a subdomain name change

Your organisation's designated account contact will need to request the change in writing by email.

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