Planning templates

Many people use the Planning module to plan the same event numerous times. For instance you may be planning a Sunday service which follows a similar pattern each week or several sessions of an Alpha or Marriage Course. ChurchSuite makes it easy to create quick plans by using Templates. Creating a Template for a Sunday service enables you to save and reuse the main elements of a Plan and then alter the relevant details each week eg adding in different songs, notices and readings.

Creating a template

There are two ways to create a Template. The first is to create a Template from an existing Plan.

Working from a Plan's "View" page click Add template.

On the Add template popup, give your new Template a Name and alter the Time if necessary (to identify the start time of the Template). When you click Save, a new Template will be created, populated with the same items as the Plan you used as its basis.

The second method is to create a new Template. Working within the Templates section of the module, click Add template.

On the Add template pop up, give the new Template a Name and a Time. You also have the option to base the new template on an existing Plan - search and select as appropriate. Or you can leave the Plan empty and create a new, blank template.

Click Add template item. Just as with adding items to Plans, begin to populate your template by adding library items. For more information, see the related article called "Adding a Plan".

It's also possible to add people to Templates. This is done in the same way as adding people to Plans - see the related support article called "Adding people to plans".

Top Tip!

When Library items (including their linked files) are added to a plan or template, that item and its linked files become independent of the Library for that plan or template, allowing you flexibility to make custom changes to the item on plans and templates without affecting the original Library item. Consequently, adding a file to a plan or template will not also add the file to the item in the Library. Similarly, adding files to Library items will not show those files on existing plans or templates. Therefore, where you are adding new files to ChurchSuite, you will need to add them to the appropriate Library items and to any templates and future plans where that Library item has already been assigned.

Once Templates have been created, you can use the View filter to select Active or Archived Templates. The summary screen has an action menu to the right of each Template, enabling various actions such as editing, archiving or duplicating the Template for use in another context.

Selecting templates for use

Now, when adding a new Plan, you'll be able to select a Template upon which the plan will be based.

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