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Introduction to plan pages

While Users will generally work with plans within the Planning module, they'll of course want to share their plans with others - especially with people assigned to plan items (who we refer to as plan people) - ensuring that everyone involved is kept in the loop. Of course producing plans for any service, event or booking is a collaborative process often involving contribution from different departments and ministries. And plans change as plan people are moved around or due to unavailability and rota swaps, and when the plan order is rearranged or new plan items are added. All this means that plans can be constantly changing, often right up to the date of the event - and sometimes even during the event itself!

With this is mind, every published plan has a public-facing Plan Page that can be shared with others. Those to whom you share the Plan Page link will always be able to view the last version of the plan in their browser, even if further plan changes are made by Planning module Users after the Plan Page has been published and distributed.

Plan Pages can easily be distributed to plan people by email. Plan Pages are 'read only' - they're accessible within any browser on any device without requiring login authentication or My ChurchSuite access. You can even share a Plan Page link with those outside of your church or organisation such as a visiting guest speaker or a catering company providing food for your event.

Just as with viewing plans within the Planning module, the Plan Page contain fulls details of the running order and the people assigned to each item on the plan. Plan Pages also include any linked files associated with the plan such as chord charts and sermon PowerPoints. Essentially, your 'visuals' and worship team have everything they need in one place!

Publishing a plan

Until a plan is Published the people-facing Plan Page can't be viewed. When viewing the list of plans, the plan status is indicated within the list. You can also filter the list by Status, perhaps to see just Draft plans.

Clicking through to a Draft plan's "View" page, click the Publish button to update the plan status and publish it.

Once published, the Go to plan page option becomes available - see the next section in this article. You can change a plan's status back to Draft at any time - hover over More and click Set as draft.

From the Plans section of the module you can use Batch Actions to change the status of multiple plans - either to Publish or Set as draft.

Previewing the plan page

From a plan's "View" page click Go to plan page...

...and the Plan Page opens to view.

At the top of the Plan Page is a timeline. Hovering over items on the timeline surfaces details of each item. On the date of the plan a 'real time' progress line will move across the timeline on the Plan Page, making it easy to see whether you're running to time.

The Plan Page includes expandable and collapsable sections giving further details of plan items, plan people and any linked files shared within the Plan. In the example below, expanding the "Worship Set" surfaces the linked plan people - in this case, the worship team from the linked rota. Expanding a song item reveals further details about the song, including the song's key, tempo, Spotify and Video rehearsal links and any linked files that are downloadable, such as chord and lyric charts for the worship team to use.

For Plan Pages that contain linked files, clicking on any file will open the Plan Page Files viewer - a separate view that lists all linked files associated with the plan. Typically the file list will be files for songs, such as chord and lyrics charts. PDFs and compatible files can be previewed right there in the browser and supported transposable file types including OnSong and ChordPro (.onsong, .chordpro. & .chopro) are shown in a transposable view in the original file's Key and the option to Transpose. In the bottom-right corner of each transposable song is a Download OnSong option to export the file in .onsong format, ready for worship team to import into their OnSong app.

Sharing the plan page

From a plan's "View" page, select Send plan.

Select the Options to be included in the email. Options include plan people, linked files, any questions responses stored against plan items (e.g. key, tempo, artist, CCLI number etc) and the plan page link (embedded as a "More information" button in the email body). While the Plan Page embedded into the email will only contain the selected options, the actual Plan Page will contain all options. Click OK to preview the email.

The Send email preview is displayed. Make any further customisation you wish to add. Click Preview Email...

The Recipients list is pre-populated with any plan people specified in the plan. Recipients can be added or removed if desired - only people in the Address Book and Children module can be selected as recipients. Click Send Email to send the plan.

The sent plan is logged in the Communication log located at the bottom of each recipient's profile page within the Address Book and Children module.

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