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Overview of labels

Within the context of the Small Groups module, Labels are designed to help you further categorise your groups. There's no limit to the number of labels you can add or the number of response options each label might have. The examples below may help you better imagine just some of the possible uses for labels.

Labels can be set to only allow a single response from the options available, or whether multiple response options are permitted. Labels can be optionally set as required; module users must select a response when adding or editing groups. Labels come with a splash of colour to help module users visually distinguish each group's assigned Label options.

Adding and editing labels

Working from the Labels section of the Small Groups module, click Add label.

On the Add label pop-up, give your Label a suitable Name and pick the label's Colour. Next, add Responses as appropriate. The Label Type determines whether module users can assign a Single response only to a group, or whether Multiple responses are permitted. Setting Label responses as Required will prevent users from adding or editing a group without selecting a required Label response. Click Save to add the Label.

Continue adding further Labels as desired. Note the actions to further Edit, Delete and View changes for a previously-added Label, and the Label Order action, which determines the order Labels are displayed wherever they're surfaced in ChurchSuite and on public-facing pages, like the embeddable Group List and Group Map. The Label option counters reflect the number of Active & Future groups that are labelled with that option. Clicking on a Label response opens a filtered list of groups that have that Label response.

Working with labels

You can assign Labels to groups individually when adding or editing a small group...

You can also bulk-assign Labels to multiple selected groups from the Groups section of the module using the batch Edit action...

...ticking the appropriate Labels, and then the Label response option/s to be assigned to the selected groups.

Label responses are readily visible on each group's "View" page on the Details tab.

Labels are also an Advanced Search option in the Groups section of the module, enabling you to further filter and list groups matching the selected Label criteria.

Many of the Small Groups module's Reports can be further filtered by selected Label responses.

Finally, there are Label conditions for use in Smart Tags, enabling you to produce lists of people in labelled groups and roles...

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