Child check-in using scanned barcodes

In addition to the conventional method of searching and selecting children to be checked in through the Child Check-In system, the system also supports using barcodes and QR codes.


Plastic barcode cards can be bulk-purchased from many promotional material companies. Each card's barcode number is assigned to each child in the Children module before being distributed among your known parents/carers - either one barcode number per child or one barcode number per family. When checking in children, parents/carers scan their barcode on a supported scanner connected to the Child Check-In device, which will bring up the child (if one barcode per child) or all their children (if one barcode per family) without the need to search by name. The parent/carer simply ticks each child's name(s) to be checked in, with badges produced and attendance recorded in the usual way.

QR codes

For primary parents/carers with My ChurchSuite access, a QR code is surfaced in their My Children section of My ChurchSuite when there is an active Child Check-In session running. The QR code disappears when the session is closed. Primary parents/carers can scan the QR code from their smartphone to a supported QR code scanner connected to the Child Check-In device to see a list of all their children. The parent/carer simply ticks each child's name to be checked in, with badges produced and attendance recorded in the usual way.

While barcode check-in is a simple process for parents/carers, it requires a small amount of set-up of cards and the recording of barcode numbers against child profiles. However, QR code scanning requires no set-up or changes to child profiles. Both methods require a suitable barcode/QR code scanner, which must be directly connected by USB to the Child Check-In device. Most make/models of barcode scanner work, although we have tested most extensively using an Esky USB Automatic Barcode Scanner.

Setup for barcodes

Head into the Children module's settings, accessed via the cogwheels icon in the top-right corner of the module.

On the Module Options tab, scroll down to the Child Fields section and ensure that the optional Check-In Barcode field is enabled. Click Edit to make changes. This step is only required for barcodes, not QR codes.

While still in the module settings, click on the Check-In Options tab...

Scroll down to the Search Fields settings and Enable barcode search. Click Edit to make changes.

Assigning barcodes to children

Barcodes are assigned on a child-by-child basis. Working within the Children module navigate to each child's profile page and click Edit.

On the Edit child pop-up, scroll down to the Check-In Barcode field. With a barcode scanner installed and connected to your device, click into the empty field and scan the barcode to be assigned to that child. Scanning the barcode will add the barcode number to the empty field. You can also type barcode numbers if you prefer. Multiple barcodes can be entered, each separated with a comma.

Save the changes and repeat this step for each child. Care should be taken when distributing barcode cards to parents/carers, to ensure their card matches their child/children.

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