Child check-in using scanned barcodes

In addition to the conventional method of searching and selecting children to be checked in through the Child Check-In system, the Check-In system also supports check-in using a scanned barcode or QR code.


Barcodes can be purchased in bulk from promotional material companies, with a barcode number assigned against each child's profile in the Children module - either one barcode number for each child or with one barcode number being used for all of the children in a family. When checking their children in, parents scan their barcode on a supported scanner connected to your Check-In device, which will bring up a list of all the parent's children without the need to search by name. Then for each child present, the parent ticks the name(s) on the list and clicks to check the child/children in to their group(s).

QR codes

For parents with My ChurchSuite access, they'll see a QR code in the My Children section of My ChurchSuite when there is an active check-in session running. Parents present can scan their QR code from their smart phone to a supported QR code scanner connected to your Check-In device to get a list of all their children. They then 'tick' all the children present for the session and click to check them in. QR scanning is an incredibly fast way for parents to locate and check-in their children quickly and easily.

While barcode check-in is a simple process for parents to use, it does require a little bit of set up first. However QR code scanning requires no set up - no module setting changes or changes to children profiles in the Children module. Both methods require a suitable barcode/QR code scanner, which must be directly connected by USB to your Check-In device. Most makes/models of barcode scanner work, although we have tested most extensively using an Esky USB Automatic Barcode Scanner.

Setup for barcodes

Begin by heading into the Children module settings, accessed via the cogwheels icon in the top-right corner of the module. On the Module Options tab scroll down to the Child Fields and ensure that the Check-In Barcode field is enabled. Click Edit to make changes. This step is only required for barcodes, not QR codes.

Still in the module settings, click onto the Check-In Options tab...

...and scroll down to the Search Fields settings and make sure that Enable barcode search is enabled. Click Edit to make changes.

Assigning a barcode to a child

You'll need to assign barcodes on a child-by-child basis. Working within the Children section of the module, navigate to each child's profile page and click Edit.

On the Edit child pop-up scroll down and locate the Check-In Barcode field. With your barcode scanner installed and connected to your device, click into the field and scan the barcode to be assigned to that child. Once scanned the barcode number is auto-added into the empty field. You can also type barcode numbers manually if you wish. Multiple barcodes can be entered, each separated with a comma.

Click Save before moving on to the next child's profile page.

Checking in a child using a barcode scanner

Now, when using Child Check-in, instead of typing in the child's name into the search or entering the last four digits of a parent or child's phone/mobile number (although both of these methods would still work), a parent can scan their barcode using the scanner connected to your Check-In device, which will bring up the child's name (or list of children) where they can be selected and checked in as normal. Scanning the QR code provided within My Children works in exactly the same way.

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