Adding children to groups

One of the key features of the Children module is how intuitive it is to set up and manage age-based groups for children and young people. Central to this is the ease with which children can be added to groups and processed into their next eligible groups as they get older. Before you can assign children to groups you will first need to add gatherings and groups - see the related support article for further information.

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Adding a child to groups from their profile page
Adding children to a group from the group page
Bulk-adding children to groups that are not yet in a gathering

Adding a child to groups from their profile page

Working from a child's profile page in the Children section of the Children module - along with their other details (name, address, mobile number, parent details, etc) - you can also set which group that child is part of for each of your Gatherings. Locate the Groups tab and click Add to group.

On the Add to group pop up select the appropriate Gathering from the drop-down list. For children with a valid date of birth, the correct Group for the child is auto-selected based on the group age entry criteria specified for the gathering.

For children without a valid date of birth, select the appropriate Group from the drop-down list.

Click Save to add the child to the selected group for the selected gathering. A child doesn't need to be assigned to a group in every gathering if any of the gatherings are not relevant to the child. While a child can only be assigned to one group in each gathering, they can be assigned to a group in multiple gatherings.

You can return to the Groups tab of a child's profile to Move them to a different group in the same gathering, or to Remove the child from a group in a gathering.

Adding children to groups from the group page

You can add children to groups from a gathering's "View" page. Working within the Groups section of the Children module, first select a gathering from the list by clicking on a gathering Name.

From the selected gathering's "View" page, either click on a group Name in the list or select a Group from the drop-down list - the Children and Attendance tabs update automatically for the selected group further down the page.

From the Children tab click Add members.

On the Add members pop up search and select a child. Multiple children can be added. You can also search and select by tag to add multiple children.

Click Save when you are finished. If any of the children being added to the group already belong to another group in the gathering they will be moved from that group and added to the selected group - a child can only belong to one group in each gathering.

Bulk-adding children to groups that are not yet in a gathering

The Not in Gathering report, located in the Children module's Reports section, is a really quick and useful way of identifying children in your database that have yet to be assigned to a group in a selected gathering.

From the report, select a Gathering from the drop-down list. Click Generate to apply the filter. Note also the options to Communicate with parents/children and to Download or Print the report's results.

The report lists all active children that are not currently assigned to any group within the selected Gathering. A Suggested Group is given based on the child's date of birth and the group entry criteria. Where a child has no date of birth, no Group can be suggested. Click +Add to [group name] for each child to quickly add them to the suggested group.

Top Tip!

When using the Child Check-In system, children not currently assigned to any group in a Gathering (as explained above) will be automatically added to the correct group's member list in the Children module. As long as the child has a date of birth from which their age is derived, ChurchSuite will match the child's age to the appropriately aged group in the Gathering and assign them to the group's member list.

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