Processing children into new groups as they get older

Each group has a Process feature that enables you to quickly and easily move children into their correct groups as they get older.

Overview of the intended functionality

ChurchSuite's 'group process' functionality looks at the children already assigned to a group and compares each child's age (based on their date of birth) with the age entry criteria of all the groups in the same Gathering. Where a different Current Group is detected - distinguished visually in yellow - the system suggests the appropriate New Group to move the child to. However, you always have the option to override and select a different group if you wish. Processing children for an entire group is a single button click.

Ordinarily the suggested New Group is based on the child's age today but it is also possible to Change date, perhaps to a future date prior to the start of the new academic/school year, and process the group based on each child's age as at that future date. This functionality is also suitable where you process children into new groups several times a year (perhaps termly) or where you have a school year variation in your region.

While children are not auto-processed into new groups as they get older, the Process workflow explained below provides an opportunity for reviewing suggested new groups (with override option) and then a 'one-click' button to process all the appropriate children in a group into their next eligible group in the same gathering or for them to remain in their current group if they are not yet eligible for a new group.

Children who reach the gathering's Maximum age will be processed out of the gathering so that they are no longer in any groups for that gathering.

How to process children into new groups

Working with the Groups section of the Children module, select the Gathering to be processed.

From the Gathering's "View" page, and working methodically through each group in turn, select Process from the Action menu on the right-hand side of the table of groups.

On the group's Process page, notice the Current Group and the suggested New Group. Children eligible for a different new group (based on their age/date of birth and the entry criteria for each group in the gathering) are distinguished in yellow within the list.

You can override a child's new group if you need to; select another group within the same gathering or select --Leave group-- to remove the child from the group/gathering entirely.

Group processing is based on the child's age today. However, you can select Change date to select a different processing date - perhaps a future date when all your children groups change. Selecting a different date will refresh the list to show the New Group based on each child's age on the selected processing date.

Once you are satisfied that the New Group selections are correct, scroll to the end of the list and click Save. Children are immediately processed into their new Groups, even if a different processing date has been selected.

Repeat the above steps for each group within the selected Gathering and also for each Gathering in your Children module.

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