Adding custom menu options to My ChurchSuite

Ensuring My ChurchSuite content is fresh and up to date will help maintain member engagement. Sometimes overlooked, one way is to add your own custom menu links to the My ChurchSuite menu, called External Links.

For example, you can add External Links to your web site or social media pages, or to a shared online file store with leader or small group resources or children ministry curriculum. In fact, the number of things you could provide links to is limited only by your own imagination!

The functionality becomes really exciting when you see that you can set External Link visibility based on tags, meaning you can easily deliver custom content to each member based on the tags they are in. For example, making leader resources available to just those in a Leader tag or offering newcomer resources to just those in the newcomer tag.

Providing external links helps members access everything they need, all from within My ChurchSuite - and that's one reason they'll keep coming back!

Here's how to add external links

Head into the Address Book module's settings via the cogwheels icon in the top right corner of the module. Click on the My ChurchSuite Options tab.

Scroll down to the External Link section. Here you can add custom menu items to My ChurchSuite. Provide a menu Name and enter or paste the external link URL. Notice how you can optionally restrict the visibility of an external link to just those in particular tags. Use the Available To drop-down to select the tag restrictions. For example, if you have resources you wish to make available only to your small group leaders, put all your small group leaders in a Tag and restrict the custom menu external link to just that tag. Or, how about links designed for newcomers that show newcomer-related external links based on whether people are in the 'newcomer' tag?

Remember to save any changes you make before navigating away from the module's settings.

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