3. Activating My ChurchSuite


My ChurchSuite is designed to help your members stay connected, and keep up to date with everything going on in the life of your church or organisation. Through My ChurchSuite members can update and manage their details and those of their children, sign-up for events, join small groups, keep on top of the rotas they serve on, and much much more!

Access to My ChurchSuite is by an invitation process initiated from your admin-facing ChurchSuite platform, so you can easily manage access to suit your context. My ChurchSuite can also easily be styled for your church or organisation, providing a familiar experience to your members. And My ChurchSuite is accessible from any web browser and via our free iOS or Android apps – app download links are embedded in the My ChurchSuite invitation email preset.

Each My ChurchSuite menu item relates to an underlying module in your admin-facing ChurchSuite system. Before sending My ChurchSuite invitations to your members, you will first need to activate My ChurchSuite in each module's settings. Here's how...

Activating My ChurchSuite

For My ChurchSuite to work in other modules, it first needs to be activated in the Address Book module as this is the basic repository of contact data from which My ChurchSuite invitations are issued. You won't be able to send any invitations and neither will anyone be able to log in to My ChurchSuite until it has first been activated for the Address Book.

To activate My ChurchSuite, head into the Address Book module's setting accessed via the cogwheels icon in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Click into the My ChurchSuite Options tab, scroll down to the Settings section and make sure Enable My ChurchSuite access is ticked - click Edit to make changes. My ChurchSuite is now enabled for your account; although none of your contacts will be able to access My ChurchSuite until they have "Allow My ChurchSuite login" enabled on their profiles and have been invited – see the related support article on sending My ChurchSuite invitations.

Still working in the Address Book module's settings, switch to the Module Options tab...

...and locate the My ChurchSuite & Privacy options. This section determines the default privacy settings that are used for new contacts added or imported to the module in the future. Changes made here will not affect existing contacts in your Address Book. Subject to your organisation's privacy policy you can Edit and enable/disable each setting as appropriate. New contacts will be unable to access My ChurchSuite until invited; however, you may wish to set the default for 'Allow My ChurchSuite login' to enabled, so this is already set when you later send our My ChurchSuite invitations.

You can still set My ChurchSuite and Privacy settings for individual contacts. Browse to a contact's profile page in your Address Book and select Edit.

Locate the My ChurchSuite & Privacy section and set the My ChurchSuite settings as required for just this one contact.

Activating My ChurchSuite for the other modules

For each additional module that supports My ChurchSuite – Children, Calendar, Small Groups, Rotas and Giving – navigate into the module's settings (via the cogwheel icon in the top right-hand corner of the module), and into the My ChurchSuite Options tab. To enable that module's My ChurchSuite functionality, Edit and Enable My ChurchSuite access – the example below is for the Children module.

Repeat this step for each module in turn. Note also the other settings on the My ChurchSuite Options tab for each module – further support articles are available covering these options.

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