3. Activating My ChurchSuite


My ChurchSuite is the ideal way for church members to stay connected to one another and stay up to date on all that’s going on in the life of your church. Through My ChurchSuite, church members are able to update and manage their own personal details and those of their children, sign-up for events, join small groups, keep on top of the rotas they’re serving on and much more! Access to My ChurchSuite is by an invitation initiated from your admin-facing ChurchSuite platform, so you can easily manage access to suit your church context. My ChurchSuite can easily be styled for your own church, providing a familiar experience to your church members. My ChurchSuite is accessible from any web browser, or using our free iOS or Android apps.

Each of the menus in My ChurchSuite is related to an underlying module in your admin-facing ChurchSuite system. Before sending My ChurchSuite invitations to your church members, you will first need to activate My ChurchSuite in each module's settings. Here's how...

Activating My ChurchSuite

In order for My ChurchSuite to work in other modules, it first needs to be activated in the Address Book module as this is the basic repository of contact data from which My ChurchSuite invitations are issued. Note: You won't be able to send invitation unless My ChurchSuite is activated for the Address Book.

To activate My ChurchSuite, head into the Address Book module options - the cogwheels in the top right hand corner of the page. You'll need manage module or Administrator permissions to access this.

The module options page has four tabs: Module, My ChurchSuite, Connect and Embed. Click on the "My ChurchSuite" tab and scroll down to the "Settings" section and make sure "Enable My ChurchSuite access" is ticked. This means that My ChurchSuite is enabled for your account; although none of your contacts will be able to access My ChurchSuite until they are first invited - see the related support article to do this. The remaining settings relate to the "Search for Others" contact search functionality  - see the related support article for guidance on configuring this option.

Still in the Address Book module's settings, switch to the "Module" tab and locate the "Contact Communication" section (about half way down the page). This section is all about the default communication options that will be given by default whenever a new contact is added to the Address Book in the future. You may wish to tick "Allow My ChurchSuite login?". Subject to your church's privacy policy, you may also wish to tick the other options too. Remember, no new contacts will be able to access My ChurchSuite until they are invited.

Remember to save any changes made in the Address Book module settings before navigating away from the page.

If you don't wish to set these module option defaults for new contacts, you can still allow individual contacts to log in to My ChurchSuite by granting permissions from a person's contact profile in the Address Book on a contact-by-contact basis. Simply browse to a contact in your Address Book and select "Edit contact"...

...then locate the "Public Communications" section in the centre of the page, and set the My ChurchSuite settings as required for just this one contact. Save the changes when you are finished.

Activating My ChurchSuite for the other modules

For each module that supports My ChurchSuite (Children, Calendar, Small Groups, Rotas and Giving), click into the module options (the cog wheels icon in the top right-hand corner of the module), and select the "My ChurchSuite" tab. To enable a module's functionality in My ChurchSuite, simply check the box that says "Enable My ChurchSuite access" - the example below is from the Children module.

Remember to save your changes before navigating away from the page. repeat this step for each module. Note also that there are a number of other My ChurchSuite settings for each module. For further explanation of those settings please refer to the related support articles in the "Ask a Question" help beacon.

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