Restricting access to My ChurchSuite 'search for others'

The "Search for Others" section of My ChurchSuite can be restricted. In addition to controlling the visibility of this feature, you can also control which contacts can be included in search results. Each contact's personal privacy settings will all determine their appearance in search results; so even though Tag restrictions (explained below) may permit them to be included in search results, their privacy settings may override this. If contacts are not displaying as you expect, you should check their privacy settings as well as tag restrictions.

To restrict the "Search for Others" section to a particular tag, begin by going to the "Module Options" section of the Address Book; access via the cogwheels in the top-right corner of the module. You will need Administrator or Manage module permissions to access this section.

Next, click through to the "My ChurchSuite" tab.

In the "Settings" section, note the two drop-down menus listed under "Enable Contact Search", which allow you to select/set the Tag(s) restrictions for "Search for Others". The two controls are as follows: -

  • Firstly, by default, the 'Search for Others' menu option is visible for all active My ChurchSuite contacts. The first drop-down menu allows you restrict visibility of this feature to just those contacts in a specified Tag(s). For example, this might be just your staff team, or perhaps leaders or small group leaders.
  • Secondly, by default, 'Search for Others' will include all your Address Book contacts in the search results whose visibility/privacy settings permit. Using the second drop-down menu, you can restrict the search results to only those contacts within a specified Tag(s). So if you only want 'members' to be visible in your Directory, you could restrict the search results to just your 'members' Tag.

Finally, click "Save Changes" to complete this process.

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