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As well as accessing ChurchSuite and My ChurchSuite through any web browser, you can also securely access both systems on the go using the ChurchSuite App available for iOS and Android devices and compatible with most modern Smartphones and Tablets. A separate iOS and Android CharitySuite App is available for customers using our domain.

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App security
Working with multiple app accounts
Your privacy - deleting your personal data

Downloading the app

The ChurchSuite app is available to download for iOS through the App Store and for Android through Google's Play Store.

The CharitySuite app is available to download for iOS through the App Store and for Android through Google's Play Store.

Minimum device requirements?

iOS 12 or newer. Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or newer. Chromebooks and devices running Chrome OS or stripped-back faux versions of Android are not supported.

Logging in

Launching the newly installed app presents you with five swipe-able instruction screens explaining the login requirements, the login process, and simple app navigation instructions.

As explained on the first screen, app usage requires you to have been previously invited by your church to access My ChurchSuite (as a church member) or ChurchSuite (as a back office user - typically staff and key volunteers). If you have previously used the ChurchSuite app on another device, or are newly installing the app on your device, then you are already registered and do not need a new registration invitation - Contact your church office if you've not received a registration invitation - you will be unable to proceed until invited. The invitation email contains a registration link through which you'll set your preferred password and log in for the first time (via your device browser) - once registered and logged in, you'll be able to further manage your password should you wish to change it.

You can now use your login details to log into your My ChurchSuite and/or ChurchSuite accounts in the app.

The second screen explains the app security that will be used on your device based on the device security detected - this may be your device/screen unlock passcode, or a biometric unlock using TouchID/FaceID, if enabled. Those preferring not to use TouchID will have the option to disable TouchID security for the app and alternatively set a 4-digit app PIN. Those using an older app version with a 4-digit app PIN (pre-version 4.0) who are now using version 4.0 or newer will no longer be able to use their old app PIN - the app PIN has been replaced by the in-built device security as described above.

The third screen explains the two systems that can be accessed using the app:

  • If you're a church member, you'll be accessing My ChurchSuite and will use your email address and registered password when logging in
  • If you're a staff member who has been granted User access to your church's back office ChurchSuite modules, you can use either your username or email address and registered password when logging in. Staff members can log into both systems in the one app if they wish - once logged in, they can switch between their ChurchSuite and My ChurchSuite profiles without needing to log out between systems

The fourth screen explains the login process - searching and selecting your church, entering your email address or username to find your My ChurchSuite or ChurchSuite account, and entering your password. ChurchSuite users may be additionally required to enter a multi-factor authentication code where this additional security feature has been enabled for their User account.

The final tutorial screen demonstrates the positions of the app navigation controls that you'll see once you've logged in - the App Menu for accessing the various sections of My ChurchSuite and ChurchSuite, the User Menu for accessing your logged-in My ChurchSuite and ChurchSuite accounts, adding other accounts, and switching between accounts, and the Back navigation.

Having read and swiped through the instruction screens, the login process begins. Start by choosing which system you wish to access. As a reminder, My ChurchSuite is for church members and ChurchSuite is the back office admin-facing system typically used by staff and key volunteers. You can return to this screen later from the User Menu if you need to add logins for other accounts to the app.

Search and select your church - the list of matching results filters as you type. You may need to include your church town or city in the search terms to locate your specific church.

Enter your email address or username.

Where an email address is linked to multiple accounts and for family members sharing an email address, choose your account from the list.

Enter your password. Passwords are case-sensitive. Note the Forgotten Password? option, which can be used to generate a password reset email sent to your registered email address. Passwords must be a minimum of 14 characters and can comprise any text - UPPERCASE, lowercase, numbers, spaces and symbols are all supported but note that password complexity is not required or enforced. Click Next.

Finally, for those who are logging into the back office ChurchSuite system and who have multi-factor authentication enabled for their User account, enter the multi-factor authentication code (typically obtained from your MFA Code Generator app) and click Log in to complete the process.

Well done - you're now logged in! Use the App Menu, bottom right, to navigate and explore. We've produced a helpful My ChurchSuite User Guide for members.

App Security 🔒

The data in your ChurchSuite app is secured by your device security - the same passcode, screen lock or biometrics that you use to unlock your device.

No device security

For those whose devices have no biometric or passcode security enabled, app access to My ChurchSuite or ChurchSuite for the first time will require the setup of an App PIN, which will be requested whenever the ChurchSuite app is opened, and when re-opening the app after 5 minutes of inactivity. Once set, the App PIN persists for the app's lifetime on the device. The App PIN has 'brute force' protection - if someone tries to incorrectly guess the PIN 10 times, the app will self-destruct and delete its own data, requiring the secure login process above to be re-completed.

Forgotten App PIN? It is not possible to reset a forgotten App PIN. The app must be removed from the device and reinstalled, following the above steps to securely log in and set a new App PIN. We encourage all App users to fully protect their devices by setting up a Device PIN and enabling TouchID/FaceID biometrics if supported.

Device Passcode security

For devices unlocked with a Passcode but no biometrics enabled, the device Passcode will be requested whenever the ChurchSuite app is opened, and when re-opening the app after 5 minutes of inactivity. iOS and Android will rate-limit too many consecutive failed authentication attempts. It is not possible to disable the device Passcode challenge.

Biometric security

For devices with a Passcode and biometrics enabled (TouchID or FaceID), biometrics will be requested whenever the ChurchSuite app is opened, and when re-opening the app after 5 minutes of inactivity. After two failed biometric attempts, you'll be required to enter your device Passcode. iOS and Android will rate-limit too many consecutive failed authentication attempts. It is not possible to disable the biometrics or Passcode challenge.

Working with multiple app accounts

You can manage all your app accounts - add accounts, remove accounts and switch between accounts - from the User menu, located at the top right.

From here you can:

  • Add account to log in to another system - for example, back office staff may wish to add their ChurchSuite and my ChurchSuite accounts
  • Remove account by left-swiping to dismiss an account - you'll be asked to confirm you wish to log out, which will remove all account-related data from the app. You can also log out from the App Menu
  • Switch account by selecting an account in the list
  • go Back to return to the currently logged-in account

Your privacy - deleting your personal data

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