1. What is My ChurchSuite - overview

My ChurchSuite is the ideal way for church members to stay connected to one one another and stay up to date on all that’s going on in the life of your church. Through My ChurchSuite, church members are able to update and manage their details, sign-up for events, join small groups, keep on top of the rotas they’re serving on and much more!


The first part of My ChurchSuite that your church members will see upon logging in is the Home page, where a customisable welcome message greets them.

Here they’re able to view and update their contact info (address, phone numbers, email, etc) as well as a few other key pieces of information about themselves. This gives your church members a degree of ownership over their data, while reducing your administrative burden - a win-win situation!

Members can also use our Privacy Settings to determine which pieces of information are visible to other My ChurchSuite members, allowing them to display as much or as little as they wish.

Featured events will also appear on the Home page. The next three featured events that are set to occur will be displayed here, making this a fantastic way to let your church members know about upcoming events at your church!

The Home page also contains a mini version of the My Communication section, which displays the last four communications that a contact has received through ChurchSuite.

My Communication

The My Communication page displays all communications sent to a contact through ChurchSuite systems - most often in the form of emails or SMS messages. This section allows your members to have easy access to their full range of past communications, enabling them to quickly skim through their contact history to find a vital piece of information, or check it regularly to stay up to date on the latest communications from your church. My Communication displays communications for the last six months, with a maximum of 50 items (whichever is fewer).

My Children

My Children gives parents the ability to edit their children's details alongside their own. Only a parent can view their children’s details and church members who do not have children will not see the Children module options in their My ChurchSuite account.

In addition to updating their children’s details, parents can also use the My Children section to specify whether they have given permission for their children to be videoed or photographed, as well as detailing any special medical or other requirements that a child may have. Child communication preferences can also be managed here, allowing parents to opt in/opt out of SMS and Email communications sent from the church.

My Events

My Events provides your church members with a stylishly simple calendar that lists upcoming church events and group meetings. Any events which are marked as being "Visible in My ChurchSuite" in ChurchSuite will appear on your church members' My Events calendar.

You are also able to categorise an event as a Featured Event, in which case it will also be displayed in the "Featured Events" section both in My Events and on the Home page. The "Featured Events" section shows the next three featured events that are due to take place at your church.

Clicking on event listing will take your member to an Events Page that contains all of the details of that particular event; including date, time, the location where it’s being held (as well as a handy embedded map to help them find their way) and a short description of the event itself.

Events can also be set to allow members to sign-up through My ChurchSuite - making it easier than ever before for members to arrange to attend church events.

Event overseers will also love the My Events section! For each event they oversee, they'll be able to see the sign-up progress for their events...

...and see the contact details of sign-ups, including the responses to any event questions.

My Groups

My Groups does a number of things. Firstly, it enables group members to see the contact details of the other members of the same small group. Secondly, you can optionally enable a certain "role" (for instance, "small group leader") to be allowed to submit small group attendance data. Finally, you will be able to empower certain roles (for instance, "small group leader" or "group admin") to manage the information about the small group and its members.

Small group members are also able to communicate with one another using a unique group email feature. When a group email is sent out it goes to all the members whose contacts are listed in that particular small group, and any replies or updates to that email will also be received by all the members of that small group. This means an end to the perpetual round-robin of emails, replies and updates that occurs when communicating with a group of people, now you just send out one group email and the replies are visible to all parties automatically.

My Rotas

My Rotas allows church members to quickly and easily view which rotas they are due to serve on. As with our My Groups section, My Rotas affords your members the ability to contact everyone on their rota at once using our group email feature. Members are also able to arrange to swap when they are serving with one another, giving them greater flexibility when it comes to planning holidays, or to reacting to sudden, unforeseen events.

My Giving

My Giving makes it simple for your church members to engage with their giving, by placing the ability to effectively manage their donations directly at their fingertips. Through My Giving your members are able to arrange one-off and recurring donations, as well as reviewing the donations that they have previously made to your church. Church members are also able to use My Giving to create Gift Aid declarations, allowing them to ensure that you will be able to claim Gift Aid for the donations that they make to your church. Lastly, My Giving allows your members to set up Pledges for you church funds. My Giving will then track the value of that pledge as it is fulfilled and will use a progress bar to display the amount remaining.

My Podcasts

If your church records podcasts of your services you can now make them available to your members directly through My ChurchSuite! This fantastic feature allows you to link your ChurchSuite account to either an XML/iTunes feed or SoundCloud ID and have any podcasts uploaded using these services appear within My Podcasts - you can even have services in a series listed together! If you record videos of your services and upload them to either a Youtube or Vimeo account, you can also include your video alongside the audio player.

Search for Others

Search for Others is your church contact directory; enabling church members to look up contact details of other church members without having to burden the church office or find their out-of-date printed church directory. Church members can only see information that people choose to make visible through their privacy settings, and importantly, no children information is included in the directory. This feature, if enabled, can be either made available to all My ChurchSuite church members, or restricted to church members who are in a particular Tag e.g. "Members".

External Links

In addition to the system navigation menus provided in My ChurchSuite as outlined above, you can also add customised external links. These are great for linking to your own website, church social media groups, mission links, prayer chains, dropbox storage etc.

And finally...

We are constantly looking for ways to improve My ChurchSuite, to provide your church members with the best system possible. More than anything else My ChurchSuite is geared towards helping your members to become more connected in your church by making it as simple as possible for them to take control and become involved in all that it does.

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