Rota notes

You can add one-off notes to dates on rotas - ideal for recording important information that needs to be communicated to just those who are serving on that rota on that date.

For example, when needing to let the Refreshments rota members know they'll need extra supplies for a busy baptism service; a similar note on the Set-Up rota might be to set out extra chairs for the baptism service. Rota notes also enable you to record the name of a guest/visiting speaker on a Preaching rota (where the guest/visiting speaker isn't in your Address Book or Preaching ministry). Rota notes also support the pasting of URLs perhaps to a linked file - URLs in rota notes are clickable, opening the file stored in a third-party file storage solution like Google Docs, DropBox, or iCloud.

Importantly, rota notes added in ChurchSuite or My ChurchSuite are shown on all rota reports including the Overview report, and in rota reminders emails.

Adding/editing rota notes in ChurchSuite

Working on a rota 'view' page in the Rotas module, click the date Action menu in the top-right corner of a rota date and select Edit.

On the Edit pop-up add or edit your important information in the Note field and click Save.

Adding/editing rota notes in My ChurchSuite

Overseers managing their rota in My ChurchSuite are also able to add rota notes. From a rota date Action menu in the top-right corner, select Edit date.

On the Edit date pop-up add or edit your important information in the Notes field and click Save Changes.

Rota notes and Service notes

Rota notes are rota specific, added on a rota-by-rota and date-by-date basis - notes added to one rota are not auto-added to other rotas. If you wish to add notes that surface on all rotas for a date you can use Service notes. While rota notes are surfaced unstyled on rota views, service notes are styled in italics on all rotas for the service.

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