Adding notes to rotas

It's easy to add custom one-off notes to dates on rotas. This can be really useful for recording important information that needs to be communicated to those serving on that rota on that date. For example, when you need to let your Refreshments rota members know they'll need extra supplies for a busy baptism service. You might also use rota notes to record the name of a guest/visiting speaker on your Preaching rota (where the guest/visiting speaker is not in your Address Book). You can also paste the URL of a linked file into a rota note - perhaps opening a file stored in a third-party file storage solution like Google Docs, Drop Box, or iCloud - the file link is even clickable when viewing the rota.

Adding/editing notes in ChurchSuite

Working in a rota in the Rotas module in ChurchSuite, for any date on the rota select the Action menu in the top-right corner of a rota date and select Edit.

On the Edit pop-up add or edit your important information in the Note field. Click Save Changes.

Importantly, rota notes added in ChurchSuite also display on the rota in the My Rotas section in My ChurchSuite. Rota notes also surface on all rota reports including the Overview report and in rota reminders.

Note about intended functionality

The rota notes feature works on a rota-by-rota basis - rota notes do not automatically 'push' to every rota that shares that same rota date. If you wish to add notes that show on all rotas for a date you should use service notes. While rota notes show in plain text on a rota, service notes show in italics on all rotas for a service. Rota notes enable you to add ministry/rota-specific. In the example above the 'welcome' rota need to know it's a baptism service with lots of visitors expected; but a similar note for the 'set-up' rota might be to set out extra chairs and for the 'refreshments' rota the note be to buy extra milk.

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