Updating event sequences (multi-date events)

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Changing details for an event sequence
Adding or editing a sequence event image
Adding additional dates to a multi-date event sequence
The impact of event sequence changes on linked bookings

Having created an event it's not uncommon to need to subsequently make changes to the event details. This is easy enough for an individual event, but what about events that are part of a sequence, where sometimes you want the changes applied to the sequence? That too is easy - here's how...

A note about intended functionality...

You cannot modify the pattern of days or dates that your event sequence follows - in this scenario you would need to re-create a new event sequence, perhaps by duplicating from an existing event and then specifying your revised pattern and multi-dates.

You can, however, modify the event Name, Time, Location, Site, Visibility, Category, Description and Max. Tickets and apply the changes to all future dates in the sequence. See also the related support article for Managing Event Images, which includes instructions for making event image changes to sequences.

You can also modify the Date of an event within a sequence without affecting the other dates in the sequence. You can also delete dates from a sequence and leave the rest of the sequence unaffected.

When first adding a multi-date event sequence, tickets, questions and confirmations are added against each date in the sequence. If you only these on say, the first date in the sequence only, first create your sequence without tickets, questions and confirmations, and then go back in to edit the event on the first date of the sequence and add in that additional information.

Adding or editing tickets, questions and confirmations on one event date in a sequence are not replicated throughout the sequence, unless the Sign up to the sequence option is enabled, in which case every event in a sequence always has the same tickets, questions and confirmation email. The idea here is that no matter which date in the sequence a prospective sign-up views, they'll still be able to sign-up, even

Changing details for an event sequence

To update the Name, Time, Location, Site, Visibility, Category, Description and Max. Tickets for an event sequence, head to the event's "Edit" page within the Calendar module. Make your changes as appropriate.

Before saving the changes, which up to this point would only update the information for this one event date, notice the Update entire sequence?" checkbox option. Check the box and save your changes to process the event changes across all future events (from today's date, not the event's date) in the sequence.

Changes made are listed in the Changes log in the Recent Activity section at the bottom of each event's "View" page in the sequence.

Adding or editing a sequence event image

For events that are part of a multi-date sequence, from any event's "View" page in the Calendar module, hover your cursor over the event image avatar to surface the pencil edit icon. Click the pencil edit icon.

On the image uploader, select between Replace sequence image and Replace event image. Replacing a sequence image will apply to all future dates in the sequence from today. Replacing an event image will just apply the image to the current event date being edited. Simply drag and drop a suitably-prepared image onto the drop-zone, or click to browse and select the image file. For the best results, and to ensure that important information or image details are not cut out, cropped or distorted when the image is displayed on the Event Page, make sure the image is prepared in a 16:9 ratio (e.g. 1280x720px). For help in calculating the aspect ratio of your image use this handy calculator.

The image is uploaded and immediately applied to the event or sequence - job done!

Having added an event image, notice the additional image avatar options to view and delete an event image.

For sequence events, deleting an image will clear the image from all dates in the sequence.

Adding additional dates to a multi-date event sequence

You can easily add dates to an existing multi-date sequence (although you can't currently add dates to a single-instance event and turn it into a sequence). From a sequence event's "View" page, select Add to sequence from the Add button.

The Add event page is opened, pre-populated with all the existing event information. Be sure to change the date to reflect the new date you are adding to the sequence. Save your changes when complete and the extra event date is created and added to the existing sequence.

You can even use the Repeat option to add further single dates or multi-dates to the sequence if you wish.

Remember to Save before navigating away from the page. The additional date(s) are added to the existing sequence - notice the In this sequence section on the right-hand side of the event's "View" page.

Linked to a booking too?

If your current event sequence has linked bookings (i.e. a linked booking sequence), the newly added date(s) now needs a linked booking adding to match. Follow the instructions in the related support article below on linked bookings and events.

The impact of event sequence changes on linked bookings

When editing sequences of events, it's worth considering the consequences on any linked bookings. Linked bookings are shown on the right hand side of the event page (and vice versa if you are in the Bookings module where you'll see linked events when viewing the booking). You can easily click through to the respective booking from here.

Adjusting an event's date or time will not automatically update the linked booking's date or time (or vice versa).

However the booking will remain linked even if the event dates/times change. A "mismatched booking/event" warning is displayed on the event's "View" page and the linked booking's "View" page when event dates (not times) differ from the linked booking, prompting you to make an update.

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