Updating event sequences (multi-date events)

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Changing details for an event sequence
Adding additional dates to a multi-date event sequence
Changing the image for an event sequence
The impact of event sequence changes on linked bookings

Having created a multi-date sequence of events, for example for your weekly Sunday service; it's not uncommon for churches to need to modify event details for sequence later on, perhaps deleting one or more of the dates, or changing times.

It's possible to make a range of changes to events that form part of a sequence, and then control whether those changes are to be applied to all events in the sequence, or just that one event. Similarly, you might want to change the event image for just one of your events in a sequence, e.g. a festive image for your Christmas service, but retain the regular image for the normal Sunday services. This too is possible.

A note about intended functionality...

You cannot modify the pattern of days or dates that your event sequence follows - in this scenario you would need to re-create a new event sequence, perhaps by duplicating from an existing event and then specifying your revised pattern and multi-dates.

You can, however, modify the event name, time, location, event visibility settings, category, description and event image across the whole sequence of events or just for that single event. You can also modify the date of a single event within a sequence. You can also delete one or more dates in a sequence and leave the rest of the sequence unaffected.

When creating a multi-date event sequence, tickets, questions and confirmations are created for each date in the sequence. If you only require tickets, questions and a confirmation email on say the first date in the sequence, first create your sequence without tickets, questions and confirmations, and then go back in to edit the event on the first date of the sequence and add in that additional information. Additions or amendments to tickets, questions and confirmations are not replicated throughout the sequence and only apply to that single date instance. If, however, you want tickets/questions/confirmations on every event date  in a sequence, add these to the event at the point of creating your multi-date sequence.

Changing details for an event sequence

To update any of the details of an event sequence simply go to "Calendar" > "Events" and click on an event that is within the sequence you wish to update. Select "Edit" at the top of the page.

In "Edit" mode, make your changes...

Before saving the changes (which up to this point would simply update the information for this one event date), notice the " Update entire sequence?" checkbox option. Check the box and save your changes to process the event changes across all future events (from today's date, not the event's date) in the sequence.

Adding additional dates to a multi-date event sequence

You can easily add dates to an existing multi-date sequence (although you can't add dates to a single-instance event and turn it into a sequence). From the event view page, select Add to sequence from the action cog in the In this sequence section on the right hand side of the event page.

A new event page is opened, pre-populated with much of your event information. Be sure to edit the date to reflect the new date you are adding to the sequence. Save your changes when complete and the extra event date is created and added to the existing sequence.

Linked to a booking too?

If your event sequence is linked to a booking sequence, the newly added sequence date now needs a linked booking to match. Follow the instructions in the related support article below on linked bookings and events. Essentially you will repeat the above steps in the Bookings module, opening a booking, adding a date to the sequence. It's important, when adding a booking date to the sequence, that you unlink the suggested linked event and relink it to correct event date in the event sequence that you added in the above step. You must do this before saving the added booking so as to avoid mismatched events and bookings.

Changing the image for an event sequence

Changing images works slightly differently to making other changes. Open your event in "Edit" view as before. To change the event image, either remove the existing image (by clicking on the cross in the top right hand corner of the image), or drag and drop a new image file over the top of the old one, or click on the existing image to browse and upload a new image.

You'll then see the option to replace the event image - just for the current event only, or to replace the sequence image, which will update the image for the sequence.

Note: It's not necessary to also check "Update entire sequence?" when simply changing the event or sequence image - doing so could process unwanted changes across your entire sequence!

The impact of event sequence changes on linked bookings

When editing sequences of events, it's worth noting whether there are any Bookings linked to events within your sequence. Linked bookings are shown on the right hand side of the event page (and vice versa if you are in the Bookings module where you'll see linked events when viewing the booking). You can easily click through to the respective booking from here.

Note that adjusting the date or time of an event will not automatically change the date or time(s) of the linked booking. However the booking will remain linked even if the event times change. A "mismatched booking" warning is displayed on the event page when event dates are changed and differ from the linked booking. You must therefore update the dates of your booking(s) too.

Similarly, if you change the date of an event in a sequence that's linked to a booking, the system will not automatically change the date of the linked booking, and the event page will stop showing the linked booking as a result. Similarly, from the other way around, if you change the date of a booking, any linked event date will not be altered.

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