Restricting visibility with User Groups

It's sometimes the case that you need to restrict the visibility of certain Notes, Tags, Key Dates or Flows to just certain users. There are other features that can also be given restricted visibility too (see later). Within ChurchSuite you can easily create User Groups and then visibility can be restricted to those within a particular user group. Note: You can only restrict visibility to user groups that you are a member of.

How to create a User Group

In the Administrator section, click on the Groups menu...

Here you can manage existing User Groups, or click to "Add [new] user group".

Give your User Group a suitable name and then search and select each of the users that are to be added to the group member list. Note that the group can be assigned a shared email address - when sending emails, users within the group can send on behalf of the group email address rather than their own User email address (see related support article).

Save your changes before navigating away from the page.

Restricting visibility to User Group(s)

When creating or editing Notes, Tag, Key Dates and Flows, you can now select the User group(s) to restrict visibility of that item to. Only users within the user group will be able to see that item.

In addition to Notes, Tags, Key Dates and Flows, you can also restrict visibility to Preset emails and Preset SMSs, small group Tags, and Resources in the Bookings module.

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