Shared email addresses for user groups

It's not uncommon that users need to send out emails from another email address that isn't their own i.e. on behalf of someone else, e.g. office@, hello@ or smallgroups@. One of the great features of User Groups is that user group members can send emails from the group's shared email address, which means replies are sent back to a managed user group email address. 

To add a shared email address to an existuing User Group, navigate through to the Groups section in the Administrator area and select Edit (or click Add group):

In the Emails section, enter the From Name and the shared From Email address you want group members to be able to send emails from and an optional email Signature that will be added to outbound user group emails. The details you enter in the Emails section are what shows to email recipients when they receive ChurchSuite emails sent from the User Group email address.

User group email addresses

The User Group email address must be a valid email address recognised by your email domain host so that email replies are correctly routed back to your email system - either to a managed mailbox/account or an email alias that forwards replies to another email address. Many email domain hosts allow you to configure mail forwarding to multiple email addresses, so even if you don't want replies delivered to an email inbox, you can have email replies forwarded to one or more other email addresses.

Only user group members can send emails from the group email address. With this in mind, use the Add to group action to ensure each appropriate user, including your own user account is added.

Now, when a User Group member is composing an email within ChurchSuite, they'll be able to select to send From either their user email address (the default, and the first email address in the list), their contact email address (the second email address in the list) or a User Group email address (all subsequent entries in the list).

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