Rota sign-up

A useful feature of the Rotas module and My ChurchSuite is rota sign-up, which enables ministry members to sign-up for available future dates on a published rota in My ChurchSuite. You can set a maximum sign-up capacity for all dates on a rota or set a per-date maximum sign-up capacity. - perhaps for just certain dates where additional rota members are needed. Rota sign-up can also be used to circulate an empty or partially-staffed rota for ministry members to fill based on their availability.

Enabling rota sign-up


Rota sign-up can be enabled when first adding a new rota - tick the Sign up through My ChurchSuite and optionally enter the Maximum sign-ups per date, which will be applied to all rota dates.

You can also enable Sign Up through My ChurchSuite for an existing rota by clicking Edit on the rota "View".

On the Edit rota pop-up, scroll down and tick Sign up through My ChurchSuite and optionally enter the Maximum sign-ups per date, which will be applied to all rota dates.

In both the above methods, you can set a Maximum sign-ups per date for all future dates on the rota. If you only want to solicit rota sign-ups for one or two rota dates - perhaps just for busy services - you can set the maximum to "0" for the rota, and set a 'per date' maximum as needed. Similarly, if you already have say 4 team members on most rota dates and you want to grow this to 8 people per date, set a maximum sign-up capacity to 8 (not 4) so that people can sign up. Sign-up through My ChurchSuite can also be disabled on the Edit rota pop-up at any time.

To set a per-date sign-up capacity, begin by enabling rota sign-up as explained above. Then select Edit from the Date actions for just those dates you wish to set a date-specific capacity...

On the Edit pop-up, set the Maximum sign-ups. Click Save and repeat for each rota date for which you wish to set a per-date sign-up capacity.

My ChurchSuite

In the same way, designated ministry overseers can also enable and disable rota sign-up when adding or editing a rota in My ChurchSuite. This example is the Add rota pop-up in My ChurchSuite.

...and manage per-date maximum sign-ups.

Rota sign-up in action

Ministry members viewing a published signup-enabled rota in My ChurchSuite can sign up for future dates on the rota that have capacity remaining, and where they are not already serving on that date. Note that only ministry members can view a rota to sign up - the rota will not be visible to non-ministry members. It's also not possible for non-ministry members to join a rota through the sign-up workflow - they must first be added to the ministry by an Overseer or Rotas module User and then they can sign up.

When signing up, ministry members can only select from their assigned ministry roles - helpers can't sign up to be leaders!

The signed-up ministry member is added to the rota date in the selected role/s. Where rota accept/decline is enabled for the rota they are added with an accepted status. A sign-up progress indicator is shown for each rota date. Once a rota date has reached its maximum capacity, no further signups for that date will be possible, even if there are unfilled/unassigned roles for that date - only a ministry overseer can assign roles or make changes to assigned rota roles.

Note that it's not possible for a rota member to cancel a sign-up - only an overseer can remove people from rotas - however, a rota member can process a swap.

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