Couple givers

ChurchSuite's giver profile functionality includes the option to specify that a giver profile is a "couple" giver. This article explains the intended functionality of this feature and when to use "couple giver" profiles.

Overview of the intended functionality

While each individual who gives to your organisation's causes will have their own profile in the Giving module, it's not uncommon for couples to give one amount representing their joint giving. To cater for this scenario - and to avoid one partner appearing as a "non giver" in your Giving module reports - you can designate a giver profile to be a "Couple giver".

Linked and unlinked givers

For a linked giver - a giver linked to their Address Book contact profile - the Address Book contact's linked spouse is deemed to be the other half of the couple giver profile - this cannot be changed. It is not possible to create a linked couple giver profile with an unlinked spouse - you must add the spouse to the Address Book in order for the system to detect the linked giver's linked spouse name.

For unlinked givers - a giver who is not in the Address Book - you will be able to specify the couple giver's spouse name.

UK customers will be required to specify the Gift Aid Split that the couple has specified in the Gift Aid Declaration. Typically, the Gift Aid Split is determined by the giver and not by the church/charity; however (as per HMRC guidance) for donations received that have been drawn on a joint account...

  • if you have a declaration from one partner then you can assign 100% of the Gift Aid split to that one partner in the couple.
  • where you have a declaration from both partners in a couple, and where they have not expressly-stated a different split %, you can possibly assume a 50:50 split.
  • where you are unsure, the charity is expected to seek instruction from the giver, since the giver is required to make good any shortfall of over-claimed Gift Aid to HMRC!

When producing statements of donations, couple givers will receive a joint statement listing all their couple donations and, for UK customers, the statement will include the Gift Aid Split and the total amount of each giver's Gift Aid.

Couple givers, when viewing the My Giving section of My ChurchSuite, will both be able to view their list of donations. The spouse of a couple giver will also be excluded from the "Non giving contacts" report.

Designating a couple giver

Working within the Givers section of the Giving module, select to Edit the giver. Scroll down the giver profile and tick Couple i.e. this giver represents a couple, not an individual.

If the giver is linked, their linked spouse name from the Address Book will be pre-populated into the form. In this example, Gemma is linked to Peter in the Address Book (with a marital status of "Married").

If the giver is unlinked, the spouse First Name and Last Name fields will be blank - enter the giver's spouse name.

For UK customers, where Gift Aid is applicable, specify the giver's Gift Aid Split, as provided by the giver or as stated on their joint Gift Aid declaration.

For UK customers, this Gift Aid Split is always surfaced when adding a donation for a couple giver, with the option (where the giver has expressly requested) to change the split for that one donation.

When producing a Statement of Donations for a couple, the statement is addressed to the couple, summarising their joint donations and the total Gift Aid reclaimable on those donations. The statement also shows the Gift Aid that has been Claimed - which may be different to the amount shown as Claimable - perhaps if some of the claimable donations have not yet been included in a claim. The statement is intended to only show the breakdown of the Gift Aid that has actually been claimed as at the time of producing the statement. For couple givers, this is broken down for each partner based on the total of the underlying Gift Aid Split of each donation.

Note, for UK customers producing Gift Aid claims; if a claim contains any donations with a Gift Aid Split - perhaps where a giver was a couple at the time of processing - but where the "Couple" status has been subsequently disabled, a warning message is surfaced during the claim review process explaining that those donations will need to first be removed from the claim before the claim can be finalised.

When producing Labels/Envelopes from the Giving module's Communication section, you can optionally Display as couples...

...which, for couple giver profiles will produce labels and envelopes addressed to the primary giver and their designated spouse.

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