Adding people to organisations

Once organisations have been created in the Network module, you can add key contacts such as the leader or administrator of a church or your main contact in a charitable trust. To add a person to an organisation, the contact must first exist in the Address Book. If this is not the case, see the related support article on adding new contacts.

To add an existing contact to an organisation, first select the organisation then click the Members tab and select Add member.

On the Add member pop up, use the People search to search for people or tags (of multiple people) and the matching results will auto-suggest as you begin to type. Note how you can optionally search, select and add multiple People in the same process.

When adding people to an organisation you can optionally assign Roles - see the related support for further details about creating and assigning roles. Roles change from grey to blue when selected.

From the Members tab you can easily perform common actions for a member by selecting the Action menu on the right.

You can also select multiple Members and perform batch Actions on the selected members.

Once a contact has been added to an organisation, this information will be shown on the Engagement tab of the contact's record in the Address Book.

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