Adding members to organisations

Having added organisations to the Network module, you can now add key contacts as Members. For example, you may wish to maintain key organisation contacts like the Leader, Minister, Safeguarding Lead, Trustees or heads of certain ministries within the organisation. Organisation members must first be added to the Address Book such as the leader or administrator of a church or your main contact in a charitable trust. To add a person to an organisation, the contact must first exist in the Address Book - see the related support article on Adding new contacts to the Address Book. When assigning organisation members you can also optionally assign roles - see the related support article on Assigning roles to organisation members.

To add an Address Book contact to an organisation, click on the Members tab and click Add member.

On the Add member pop-up, search and select one or more People to add to the organisation as members - matching results are shown as you type. Note that you can also search using Address Book tag names to bulk add multiple tagged contacts.

You can optionally assign one or more member Roles - see the related support for further details on Assigning roles to organisation members. Selected roles change from grey to blue. Click Save to add the member. Continue adding other organisation members and assigning roles as appropriate.

From the Members tab, you can easily perform common tasks using the available member Actions. Removed members are preserved unaffected in the Address Book. If an Address Book contact is archived or deleted, they are unlinked and removed from any organisations they belong to.

Finally, note the member batch Actions available, enabling you to communicate with selected members, or to bulk-remove them from the organisation.

Details of an Address Book contact's Network connections are shown on the Engagement tab of their profile page. It's also possible to add contacts directly to an organisation from the Network widget on their Engagement tab.

Finally, the Organisation Members report, in the Network module Reports section, can be used to filter and visualise lists of organisations, their members and assigned roles. This report can be optionally exported to CSV:

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