Adding organisations to your network

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Adding organisations to your network
Overview of the organisation profile page

Adding organisations to your network

In the Network module, you may want to store information about a variety of organisations such as churches, charities or businesses you partner with. To add an organisation, go to the Organisations section of the Network module and click Add organisation.

On the pop-up, complete the relevant details. The organisation Name is a required field.

Work down the pop-up, completing the organisation's contact details. If you need to include a separate Meeting and Office address - perhaps because you're adding churches - de-select the Same as Office address to open an Office address section.

You can add a Charity Number if necessary and select the Site the organisation belongs to if you're using multi-site functionality.

Select the responses to any Custom fields and Labels you have added - see the related articles on Adding custom fields to organisations and Managing organisations with labels.

External links can also be added to an organisation e.g. a website or Instagram account.

Once added, these links will be displayed on an organisation's "View" page, along with an icon which indicates the type of link.

Overview of the organisation profile page

Each organisation's profile page has four tabs - Details, Members, Key Dates and Metrics. Labels are shown as coloured pills and it's possible to create Notes. See the related support articles for further information on adding people, key dates and labels.

Clicking on More enables you to Duplicate, Archive or Delete an organisation or to View changes which have been made. Duplicating an organisation duplicates all the main details but does not duplicate the members, key dates or metrics.

Selecting Delete will open a pop-up which explains the consequences and asks you to confirm your choice.

Selecting Archive will open a pop-up asking for confirmation. Once archived, this will be indicated in yellow on an organisation's record and can be undone using the Set as Active button.

From the "View" page you can optionally upload an Image. Hover your cursor over the organisation's avatar icon and click the pencil icon.

Either choose a file to upload by clicking the icon or drag and drop it to the drop zone.

Once uploaded, the image is immediately displayed on the "View" page.

New organisations are added to the list in the Organisations section of the module. An Action menu to the right of each organisation offers a range of options.

Batch actions can be used to Edit, Archive or Delete organisations en masse. First select the relevant organisations and then use the Actions dropdown to select an action.

Clicking Edit will open a pop-up which enables you to edit Labels and Custom fields. A note at the top confirms how many organisations will be edited and clicking on a tick box shows the options for each Label or Custom field. See the related support articles for further information.

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