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Creating and assigning roles
Communicating with people by role
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Roles are a useful way of organising the members of organisations in the Network module, making it easier to communicate with groups of people by their roles. Once you've created a role, it's easy to assign that role to the relevant members of each of your organisations.

Creating and assigning roles

Navigate to the Roles section of the Network module and select Add role.

Then give the role a Name.

To view a Role, either click on its Name or use the View option from the action menu on the right.

Viewing a Role will display a list of members with that role in your Active organisations.

A filter enables you to view people with a particular role in either Active or Archived organisations. If you change the filter, press Update to update the list.

You can Order roles in the list using the up/down icons. Click a role icon within the list to open the Reorder pop up...

...and use the up/down icons to make changes as appropriate.

Having created a role, you can assign that role to members of organisations. To do this, navigate to the Organisations list within the Network module and open an organisation's "View" page, either by clicking on an organisation's name or selecting View from the action menu on the right.

Select the Members tab. To assign a role to a group member, select Edit from the action menu to the right of a member's name.

On the Edit member pop up, assign roles as applicable and then click Save. Roles change from grey to blue when selected.

It's also possible to use the inline role editor to assign or un-assign roles. Hover over the Roles column and select Edit to enable the inline editor.

Available roles are listed in grey. Click on the roles you wish to assign to the member, and then click Save to confirm the changes.

You can also assign roles to new members when using the Add member option on an organisation's "View" page.

Search for a person, select their roles from the list and Save the changes.

Communicating with people by role

To communicate with people with a specific role, click on Communicate and select an option.

To communicate with a more specific group of people, head over to the Address Book and create a Smart Tag as described in the related article. Select Tags from the grey menu bar and then click Add tag. Choose the Smart Tag option and when creating the conditions select the Network module.

This enables you to create complex queries, containing several roles alongside other selections from the Network module. Whenever selecting options from the Network module, the Roles dropdown will always be shown, making it easy to combine different queries.

Deleting organisation roles

Note: Deleting an organisation role is irreversible and will un-assign every role holder from the deleted role in all organisations, whether active or archived. Deleting a role does not delete the role holders from ChurchSuite or remove the role holder from the organisations of which they are members.

From the Roles section of the Network module, either select Delete from the action menu...

...or from the Role itself, select Delete from the More dropdown.

Once selected, a pop-up will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the Role.

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